How many Christmas songs have initials in them?

How many Christmas songs have initials in them?

Christmas Song Initials. How difficult could it be to identify twenty-five well known Christmas songs from just the initials of their titles? Well now you will have a chance to find out by completing this quiz sheet.

What’s the first line of the Christmas song?

Christmas (Lori Carson, copyright 1995; First line: Hope you’re not disappointed) Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (Phil Spector, Ellie Greenwich, Jeff Barry, copyright 1963) Christmas (“Johann, arise, arise!”) Christmas – The Temple (George Herbert; First line: All after pleasures as I rode one day)

What are the first lines of A Christmas Carol?

Be merry all that be present (First Line: Out of the East a star shone bright) Be Merry All, Be Merry All (First 2 Lines: Be merry all, be merry all | With holly dress the festive hall) Be Merry, Christian Men, And Sing (Alternate Title: Happy Christmas Morning) Be Present, Ye Faithful (Neale, Alt.

Which is the alternate title of the carol for Christmas Eve?

Carol for Christmas Eve (Alternate Titles: Listen, Lordings, Unto Me in Bramley and Stainer, and Listen, Lordlings, Unto Me in Hutchins; Compare Version 2: Listen, Lordings, Unto Me) Carol for Christmas Eve (Alternate Title: The Lord at First Had Adam Made – Version 1, Bramley and Stainer))

What’s the best alphabetical list of Christmas songs?

And because Christmas knows no genre, we’ve created an alphabetical list of Christmas songs with music ranging from the best alternative Christmas songs to glam rock carols and hip-hop to jazz standards. Enjoy! 4. “All Alone on Christmas” by Darlene Love 5. “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey 6.

Which is the first line of a Pilgrim’s Song?

A Pilgrim’s Song (Alternate Title: A Few More Years Shall Flow) A Rocking Hymn (First Line: Sweet baby, sleep ; what ails my dear?) A Ship Is Coming Laden, Es kommt ein Schiff geladen by Johannes Tauler (c.1300-1361) translated by Alan Luff (born 1928) and Enid Luff (born 1935), English translation © 1997 Stainer & Bell Ltd.