How many bridges are built on Indus River?

How many bridges are built on Indus River?

In Pakistan currently there are six barrages on the Indus: Guddu Barrage, Sukkur Barrage, Kotri Barrage (also called Ghulam Muhammad barrage), Taunsa Barrage, Chashma Barrage and Jinnah Barrage. Another new barrage called “Sindh Barrage” is planned as a terminal barrage on the Indus River.

How many bridge are there in Pakistan?

Major bridges

Name Location
1 Ayub Bridge Sukkur – Rohri 27°41′38.0″N 68°53′17.7″E
2 Lansdowne Bridge (Pakistan) Sukkur – Rohri 27°41′37.9″N 68°53′18.5″E
3 New Khairabad Bridge Attock 33°53′53.3″N 72°14′04.5″E
4 Earthquake Memorial Bridge Muzaffarabad 34°20′53.3″N 73°27′49.6″E

Which Dam is on river Indus?

Tarbela Dam
Tarbela Dam is located in Pakistan and is the world’s largest fill-type dam. It is built over the River Indus near the small town of Tarbela in the Haripur District of the country.

How many bridges are there in Punjab?

Out of the 44 bridges, eight are in Ladakh, 10 in Jammu and Kashmir, two in Himachal Pradesh, four in Punjab, eight each in Uttarakhand and Arunachal Pradesh, and four in Sikkim.

Who made Tarbela Dam?

Salini Impregilo
Construction of Tarbela Dam was carried out in three stages to meet the diversion requirements of the river. Construction was undertaken by the Italian firm Salini Impregilo.

Are there any bridges on the Indus River?

There are some bridges on river Indus, such as Dadu Moro Bridge, Larkana Khairpur Indus River Bridge, Thatta-Sujawal bridge, Jhirk-Mula Katiar bridge, and the recently planned Kandhkot-Ghotki bridge.

How many times is Indus River mentioned in Rigveda?

The Rigveda describes several rivers, including one named “Sindhu”. The Rigvedic “Sindhu” is thought to be the present-day Indus river. It is attested 176 times in its text, 94 times in the plural, and most often used in the generic sense of “river”.

How big is the drainage area of the Indus River?

Its total drainage area is about 450,000 square miles (1,165,000 square km), of which 175,000 square miles (453,000 square km) lie in the ranges and foothills of the Himalayas, the Hindu Kush, and the Karakoram Range; the rest is in the semiarid plains of Pakistan.

What kind of fish are found in Indus River?

The Indus is moderately rich in fish. The best-known variety is called hilsa and is the most-important edible fish found in the river. Tatta, Kotri, and Sukkur, all in Sindh province, are important fishing centres. Between the Swat and Hazara areas the river is noted for trout fishing.