How many books has muchamore sold?

How many books has muchamore sold?

Muchamore has written and published seventeen CHERUB novels and a World Book Day novella which combined have sold over 15,000,000 copies. The CHERUB series has been sold in more than twenty countries and has won various awards.

Will there be another CHERUB book?

New Guard is the final novel in the CHERUB series. It features characters from both the first and second CHERUB series in one big mission to rescue two hostages from the Islamic state in a high stakes mission to end all.

How many books are there in CHERUB series 2?

5 Books
Cherub Series 2 Collection Robert Muchamore 5 Books Set (Books 6 To 10) (Man Vs Best, The Fall, Mad Dogs, The Sleepwalker, The General)

What inspired Robert muchamore?

We owe much of the hunger games sucess to authors like Robert. Robert was inspired to create the CHERUB series by his nephews’ complaints about the lack of anything for them to read. CHERUB: The Recruit was Robert’s first book and won the Red House Children’s Book Award 2005 in the Older Readers Category.

When was recruit by muchamore written?

The Recruit (novel)

First edition (UK)
Author Robert Muchamore
Genre Children’s Thriller Spy novel
Published 2004 (UK Hodder) 2005 (U.S. Simon Pulse)
Media type Print (paperback)

How old is James in cherub?

Age 12
Age 12, James is chucked into basic training, a hellish bootcamp where he gets abused for 100 days straight by a man called Mr Large (more on him later).

Which book does James leave cherub?

At the end of his CHERUB life, he returns to his “Choke” surname and switches his two forenames around, to become Robert James Choke. However, he is still referred to as James in later books….James Adams (character)

James Adams
James Adams in mid-2005
First appearance The Recruit
Last appearance New Guard
Created by Robert Muchamore