How many books are in the Saddle Club series?

How many books are in the Saddle Club series?

The first of the four-book Saddle Club series introduces readers to Pine Hollow Stables and the girls who ride there: Stevie, Lisa, Veronica and Carole.

What reading level are the Saddle Club books?

Horse Crazy (Saddle Club, Book 1)

Interest Level Reading Level Word Count
Grades 4 – 8 Grades 3 – 5 29925

Where did the Saddle Club take place?

The books follow the adventures of best friends Carole Hanson, Stevie Lake, and Lisa Atwood, who live in the fictional town of Willow Creek, Virginia, and ride at Pine Hollow Stables.

Who died from the Saddle Club?

Jessica Jacobs, 17, who played Melanie Atwood on series one and two of The Saddle Club, died when she fell into the path of a train at Cheltenham station on Saturday. A Victoria Police spokeswoman said it was believed Jessica tripped and fell from the platform as the train entered the station.

What age is Saddle Club for?

Both Saddle Club and Spin & Marty are little gems that kids will love until ages 11-13, secretly watch for another year, and then come back to in their mid-20’s, wishing they were that age again. Most of the critical comments here are from kids who want to demonstrate to themselves that they have outgrown this stuff.

Who died from The Saddle Club?

How old is red in The Saddle Club?

Seventeen years old
Red O’Malley is the head Irish Australian stable hand at Pine Hollow. Seventeen years old and good looking, he is well regarded by the girls for his skills with the horses, both riding and in the stable.

What breed is starlight from The Saddle Club?

Thoroughbred gelding
Starlight is Prancer’s pasture mate. In the books, Starlight’s registered name is Pretty Boy Floyd and he’s a bay part Thoroughbred gelding who Carole gets as a Christmas present from her dad after Lisa tells Colonel Hanson about Starlight when Mr. and Mrs. Atwood wanted to buy him for Lisa.

What happened to Melanie from Saddle Club?