How long do desiccant filters last?

How long do desiccant filters last?

With proper maintenance of pre-filters, activated alumina desiccant should last up to 5 years in heatless dryers. For heat regenerated dryers the desiccant should last 2 to 3 years. Desiccant can be visually inspected to look for discoloration and oil contamination.

Does desiccant need to be replaced?

All desiccant needs to be replaced or replenished eventually. However, a few things have to be pinned down before deciding what material is most appropriate for the dryer. Often it’s no use asking a customer to consult the dryer’s manual.

When should a desiccant be replaced?

We recommend that a desiccant be replaced once every three years for open-cycle systems and once every two years for closed-cycle systems. A desiccant may degrade more quickly depending on the environment where it is used. Dew point temperatures offer a good indication for when to replace your desiccant.

How does desiccant drying work?

In summary, in a desiccant dryer, adsorbing the water vapor onto the large, dry surface area of a highly porous material called desiccant dries the compressed air. This adsorption occurs as water vapor in the compressed air moves into the pores of the dry desiccant and is attracted to the surface of the pores.

What does a desiccant cartridge do?

Desiccant cartridges are cartridges widely used for products and instruments that are sensitive to moisture and humid environmental conditions. These cartridges provide protection against moisture-related issues for a wide range of applications such as containers, cases, and electrical and optical devices.

What are the most common desiccant materials used in dryers?

The most common desiccant is silica, a nontoxic, water insoluble white solid used in a number of industries. Some other desiccants include activated charcoal, calcium chloride, calcium sulfate and molecular sieves.

How do I reactivate my desiccant?

You can do so by pouring the inactive silica gel beads in a thin layer on a baking sheet. You should then preheat the oven to 175 degrees Fahrenheit and bake the beads for 15 minutes. The heat in the oven will draw the moisture out of the desiccant pack, reactivating the drying agent.

What is the reason for having two towers on a desiccant dryer?

A desiccant dryer or an adsorption dryer is a piece of industrial equipment that uses desiccant materials to eliminated water from the air channeled through it. A standard desiccant dryer system uses a two-tower set up to ensure a continuous air drying cycle.

How do you dry desiccant?

Heat packets at exactly 245-degrees Fahrenheit for 24 hours. Use an oven thermometer to ensure the temperature does not go over 300-degrees for the free-flowing, or over 245-degrees for the packets. For the color-changing silica gel, heat it at 900 watts in three-minute bursts in the microwave until it turns blue.

Are desiccant air dryers good?

Desiccant dryers make wonderful air dryers for any season because they don’t rely on a reduced dew point like refrigerated dryers do. They can actually filter moisture in temperatures as cold as -100 degrees Fahrenheit.