How does convergent look like?

How does convergent look like?

Usually the plate with the greatest density slips on top of the plate with the lower density. Often the convergence of plates results in the formation of volcanos or other natural landforms such as mountains due to cracks in the the crust and land being pushed upwards.

What does a convergent plate boundary look like?

Typically, a convergent plate boundary—such as the one between the Indian Plate and the Eurasian Plate—forms towering mountain ranges, like the Himalaya, as Earth’s crust is crumpled and pushed upward. In some cases, however, a convergent plate boundary can result in one tectonic plate diving underneath another.

What are the three major types of plate boundaries quizlet?

There are three main types of plate boundaries: divergent, convergent, and transform.

What is a famous convergent boundary?

The Cascade Mountain Range is a line of volcanoes above the melting oceanic plate. The Andes Mountain Range of western South America is another example of a convergent boundary between an oceanic and continental plate.

What are the effects of convergent boundary?

This deformation can extend hundreds of miles into the plate interior. Effects found at a convergent boundary between continental plates include: intense folding and faulting, a broad folded mountain range, shallow earthquake activity, shortening and thickening of the plates within the collision zone.

What is a continental – oceanic convergent boundary?

Characteristics of Convergent Boundaries. Oceanic-continental plate boundaries are characterized by a mountain range, where the continental plate lifts up over the subducting oceanic plate, bordered by a deep subduction trench on the side of the oceanic trench. Oceanic-oceanic converging boundaries result in the creation of undersea volcanoes.

What is a convergent landform?

Landforms that could be created at convergent boundaries would consist of: volcanoes, mountains, trenches, volcanic islands, and even deserts could result from effects of converging boundaries. The landforms are mountains.