How does a HRSG work?

An HRSG is a kind of heat exchanger that recovers heat from the exhaust gases of a gas turbine to an extreme degree. The heat is recovered in the form of steam which is served as the power source of a power-generating steam turbine.

What is HRSG and where it is used?

A heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) is an energy recovery heat exchanger that recovers heat from a hot gas stream, such as a combustion turbine or other waste gas stream. It produces steam that can be used in a process (cogeneration) or used to drive a steam turbine (combined cycle).

How efficient is a HRSG?

The HRSG forms a major part of the steam system. In the combined cycle mode, the efficiency of the combined gas turbine-plus-HRSG system can reach 55–60% (lower heating value basis) with modern advanced machines, while in cogeneration mode, the system efficiency can be as high as 75–85%.

How tall is a HRSG?

130 feet tall
At 130 feet tall, and weighing in at 4,000 tons, the heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) traveled from the Port of Coeymans in Ravena, NY down the Hudson to a new power plant in Sewaren, New Jersey.

What is the difference between boiler and HRSG?

Most of the HRSG’s are internally insulated so that expansion does not affect the external surfaces and the structures. Conventional boilers on the other hand are top supported and free to expand so the insulation is on the outside.

Where is HRSG used?

HRSGs can be used to generate steam for district heating or factory processes, or to drive a steam turbine to generate more electricity. Used in cogeneration, HRSGs help bring overall plant efficiency to 85%”90%, and the economic and environmental benefits are well recognized.

Is a HRSG a boiler?

3 Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) Heat recovery steam generator is a high-efficiency steam boiler that uses hot gases from a gas turbine for reciprocating engine to generate steam in a thermodynamic Rankine Cycle.

What is pinch point and approach point in HRSG?

Pinch point is the difference between the gas temperature leaving the evaporator and saturation temperature=Tg3-ts. Fig 1: HRSG temperature profiles. Approach point is the difference between saturation temperature and feed water temperature entering the evaporator= ts -tw2.

Is an HRSG a boiler?

What is evaporator in HRSG?

Evaporator. This is where the heat from the gas turbine exhaust turns the water in the tubes into steam. The evaporator is so important that it defines the overall HRSG configuration.

What is the significant difference between a boiler and a HRSG?

In conventional boilers the evaporation and super-heating takes place in a single pressure level. To get the optimum heat transfer HRSG’s in large Combined Cycle plants operate on a triple pressure format. Water-steam conversion takes place in three different pressure levels in three independent circuits.

What is the difference between HRSG and boiler?