How do you use toleration?

How do you use toleration?

Tolerated sentence example

  1. The Mahommedan religion was everywhere tolerated , in many places much more.
  2. We told stories, sang songs, laughed and almost never tolerated silence.
  3. He tolerated every Christian confession.
  4. Turkey has always on the whole tolerated the Jews, and much is hoped from the new regime.

Is tolerance in the Bible?

A biblical word for ‘tolerance’ is ‘patience’. Within the Bible, patience is not just ‘passively waiting’, but ‘enduring suffering without retaliation’. Tolerance is one of the modern world’s highest values, yet the Bible hardly ever uses the word.

Can you tolerate someone you love?

If they’re not making the effort to make you feel like you’re part of a loving relationship, they they may just be tolerating you. According to Wise, if you feel like your partner really is just tolerating you, bring it up. If nothing changes, then Wise suggests moving on to someone who embraces you.

What is the difference between tolerance and toleration?

When I think of the difference between the two, the best way I can describe it is that I see tolerance as the process of acceptance without compromise whereas toleration is acceptance with compromise. In many cases, tolerance results in increased understanding, better relationships and improved behavior.

What does do not tolerate mean?

1 to fail to prevent (some behavior on someone’s part) especially from neglect or indifference. my boss simply doesn’t tolerate tardiness.

What the Bengali meaning of tolerate?

allow the existence, occurrence, or practice of (something that one does not necessarily like or agree with) without interference. translation of ‘tolerate ‘ বাধা না দেওয়া

Is intolerance a sin?

Intolerance is a deadly sin because it is an error of judgment about Ultimate Truth. The Ultimate Truth is beyond the ability of any individual or institutional religion to comprehend. The wise person accepts this.

What are the key traits of totalitarian?

The key traits of a totalitarian state are Ideology, Dynamic Leader, State control of individuals, Methods of Enforcement, Modern Technology, State Control of Society, Dictatorship, and One-party rule.

What is the goal of a totalitarian?

The totalitarian state pursues some special goal, such as industrialization or conquest , to the exclusion of all others. All resources are directed toward its attainment regardless of the cost. Whatever might further the goal is supported; whatever might foil the goal is rejected.

What are the five characteristics of a totalitarian state?

Revolution. Totalitarian regimes generally come to power by overthrowing the existing government,ostensibly to bring a better life to the people.

  • Extreme Idealism. Totalitarian governments seek the transformation of society an ideal state,in which the the usual societal ailments — poverty or corruption,for example — are wiped out.
  • Intolerance.
  • Which countries are totalitarianism?

    The most well-known totalitarian governments are: Hitler’s government, where the German National Socialist Workers Party had power behind the figure of Hitler. As for modern totalitarian countries, are Belarus, Somalia, South Sudan, Chad, Sudan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, among others.