How do you beat master core Abis?

How do you beat master core Abis?

The key is to always stay in front of the computer opponents while having enough Gravity Points in the GP Gauge for the Gravity Dives to defeat Master Core: ABIS and end the race. In Story Mode, the player must complete three laps (hit Master Core: ABIS six times) in the course as Sonic within five minutes.

How do you unlock Super Sonic in Sonic Riders?

Get all gold medals in Storm’s, Wave’s, and Jet’s missions and you will unlock the Chaos Emerald board. You can select Sonic and the Chaos Emerald board and you can be Super Sonic.

How do you beat the Guardian in Sonic Riders?

For this boss, the player controls Sonic in Story Mode. To defeat him, the player must hit his bottle three times. The Babylon Guardian is the final opponent of Sonic Riders and is fought directly after clearing Sky Road.

How do you unlock characters in Sonic?

You’ll unlock each set of characters by working your way through the story. By Chapter Three, you’ll have unlocked them all. By earning Stars by completing events, characters will be sequentially unlocked for you. Completing Chapters 1, 2, and 3 will give you the full roster.

Who is the robot in Sonic Riders Zero Gravity?

SCR-HD, from Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. SCR-HD was a robot produced by MeteorTech who appeared in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, and essentially the main antagonist of the game. It contained an Ark of the Cosmos until it spontaneously exploded, and was taken by Storm.

Where did Sonic and jet crash in zero gravity?

Jet tries to force Amy to hand over something called the Ark of the Cosmos but she is clueless as to what he is talking about. An alarm then sounds alerting the robots. Sonic and friends take off, leaving the Rogues in pursuit. Sonic and Jet unknowingly crash into Eggman in the main computer room of MeteorTech.

Who is the robot in Sonic the Hedgehog?

SCR-HD was originally a robot created by Dr. Eggman’s MeteorTech company, and was controlled by Eggman’s mother computer in the Crimson Tower.

How did tails and Knuckles save Sonic in zero gravity?

While Tails and Knuckles use their respective flying and gliding abilities to save themselves, Sonic almost falls to his death from the summit of a 300-storey building, but fortunately, the meteor was able to save him, clamping the object to his wrist. All three manage to escape from the city afterwards.