How do I join the Ocean Reef Club?

How do I join the Ocean Reef Club?

To buy at Ocean Reef, you must become a member. An equity position for a new buyer costs $235,000, with annual dues of $11,500 — on top of the price of a property. Post and Ecuyer tout Ocean Reef’s family-oriented, community atmosphere, where members can play golf, tennis, dock their boats and enjoy water sports.

Can you visit Ocean Reef Club?

There are only two ways to experience Ocean Reef Club, as a guest of a Member or through the pages of Living magazine.

What celebrities live in Ocean Reef Club?

The Florida Keys are also high on the list of destinations, with Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo a popular second home community for business leaders. Former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson has a home in Islamorada, and Nick Carter, a singer with the Backstreet Boys, has a 14-acre oceanfront estate in Marathon.

Do you have to be a member to stay at the Ocean Reef Club?

When you decide to own property in Ocean Reef Club, you must become an Equity member in order to use the Club’s facilities. You and your guests will enjoy all the amenities of the Club from Buccaneer Island lagoon, paddle boats, and pool to the array of restaurants and shops.

How much does it cost to be a member of Ocean Reef Club?

How much does an Ocean Reef Club membership cost?

Membership Class Initiation Fee Annual Dues
Non-local, Non-resident Social $11,500 $3,300
Local Social $40,000 $5,800
Summer only (valid from May to end of October) $20,000 $3,700
Property Equity (This equity will be sold separately from a property) $215,000 $8,000

How many members does Ocean Reef Club have?

How many Members are there? There are approximately 1,600 Equity Members that own property at the Club. This includes docks and condominiums. Our Social and Local Members comprise a little over 2,000 additional memberships.

Is Ocean Reef Club expensive?

The club, according to its official website, provides two private membership opportunities: social, equity club and legacy memberships. As for the social membership, this can start at $11,500, whereas equity owners of property can plan on paying $215,000. …

Is the Ocean Reef Club public?

About. Ocean Reef is a Private Club with amenities that include 36 holes of golf, 175 slip marina, tennis, a private airport, Medical Center, Prek-8 school and a wide variety of dining options.

Does anyone famous live in the Keys?

Ernest Hemingway Hemingway is perhaps Key West’s most famous resident. The “Hemingway House” is located right in the heart of Old Town Key West, and served as his residence from 1931 to 1939.

What is the population in Florida Keys?

Florida Keys is an area in Monroe County,Florida with a population of 13,046. There are 6,729 male residents living in Florida Keys and 6,316 female residents.

Is the Ocean Reef exclusive?

Nestled in 2,500 secluded, tropical acres on the northernmost tip of Key Largo in the Florida Keys, Ocean Reef Club is considered one of the country’s most unique and comprehensive communities. Ocean Reef Club is exclusive, yet warmhearted. It is secure, yet carefree.

Who is the owner of Ocean Reef Club?

Captain Richard Hoog, Owner/Operator.

How to reserve room at Ocean Reef Club?

A full selection of local and cable television channels To reserve your accommodations at Ocean Reef Club, please call 800-741-7333 (REEF) or email [email protected]

When did the Ocean Reef Club in Florida Open?

Honor, tradition and camaraderie. As golf clubs go, Ocean Reef Club’s traditions go back more than half-a-century to 1955, when the first 9-hole course opened. Today the Club boasts two championship 18-hole courses, a rarity in the Florida Keys – even among standard golf clubs. Gather around the table.

Can a PreK3 attend Ocean Reef Club?

Yes. With a shopping village and all the conveniences of a big city wrapped in a small town atmosphere we have many Members that have decided to make this their home. The availability of a PreK3-8th grade school in the Club adds to the amenities that make year-round living at Ocean Reef Club a great choice for many of our Equity Members.

Where is the Ocean Reef in Key Largo?

Located at the tip of Key Largo, Ocean Reef is approximately 55 miles southeast of Miami International Airport. Our 2,500 lush tropical acres are bordered on three sides by water. The club can be reached by land, by sea in our marina, and even by sky via our private airport. Honor, tradition and camaraderie.