How do I identify my Corvette engine?

How do I identify my Corvette engine?

Look at the seventh character. This will be a number 2 that means active belts with front air bag, or a number 4 that stands for active belts with front and side air bag. Character number 8 will determine your Corvette’s engine type and this can be an 8 (L98), P (LT1), J (ZR1) or 5 (LT4).

What kind of engine does a 1976 Corvette have?

1976 Corvette Overview

Model: 1976 Corvette
Engine: 350ci, 180HP Engine (standard) 350ci, 210HP Engine
VIN: 1Z37L6S400001 – 1Z37L6S446558
Transmission: 4-speed manual (standard), 4-speed manual (close ratio), 3-speed Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic (optional)
Original Price: $7,604.85 (Coupe)

How do I know if I have L48 or L82?

The L82 featured many different components than the L48. The L82 had larger heads and valves, four-bolt mains, forged steel crank, different pistons and aluminum intake. Although the cam is stronger in the L82, it’s physically identical to the L48. The L82 had 2.02-inch valves and the L48 measures 1.94 inches.

How do you decode a Corvette VIN?

Corvette 13 Digit VIN Decoder C2 (1965) to Corvette VIN Decoder C3 (1971)

  1. Sequence Number = Code Description.
  2. 1 GM division 1 = Chevrolet.
  3. 2 Car line or series 9 = Corvette.
  4. 3 Engine type 4 = V8.
  5. 4 & 5 Body style 3 & 7 = two door coupe.
  6. 6 & 7 = two door convertible.
  7. 6 Model year designation from GM:

What was the horsepower of a corvette in 1976?

The L48 engine saw an increase of 15 horses, pushing its total horsepower to 180bhp. The L82 increased up to 210bhp. Unfortunately, the L82 engine was not offered in California in 1976 (and 1977) because it did not meet the state’s tougher emissions standards.

What was the VIN number for a 1976 Corvette?

Each Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is unique to an individual car. There is documented evidence that the final VIN for the 1976 Corvette ended in 446567, nine more units than the published total of 46,558.

Where is the engine number on a corvette?

Check Your Engine Number. To find the number on the engine pad, look for a stamped series of numbers near the right-hand cylinder head on the front of the engine (1960–1991 models) or on the rear of the engine (1992–1996 models).

What was the first year of a Corvette engine?

Engine stampings evolved in the early years of the Chevrolet V8 engine. In 1955-56, it was simply a continuous serial number, but one that didn’t match the serial number of the Corvette. It was then followed with F for Flint, where the Corvette engine was manufactured and then the year (F55 or F56).