How do I access Rfmss?

Please follow the link below to start the process. Go to: Click on CAC under FORSCOM Sites, Click on Fort Bragg and then click the Request Account link. The Request New Account text link is right below the Certificate Login Button. You should be on the new RFMSS Website Welcome Page.

What is Army Rfmss?

Range Facility Management Support System (RFMSS) What is RFMSS. RFMSS is a standard, integrated system designed to efficiently schedule and manage firing ranges and training areas aboard MCB Quantico. Units can utilize RFMSS to request unit training and track the status of those requests once submitted.

What is Rfmss used for?

RFMSS is also the Authoritative Data Source (ADS) for Army, Army National Guard, Army Reserve, Navy, and the Marines for range utilization data. The utilization data is used in analysis and models to drive funding decisions that in turn save money for the Department of Defense.

What do you need to know about rfmss?

The RFMSS system assumes the following items are available to enable users to log on: Users must have a RFMSS User Id and password approved by the RFMSS Functional Administrator. These allow access to the RFMSS application via their workstation‟s IE7 web browser . End of preview.

When to submit a hold request to rfmss?

When you reach the 120-day mark to the last day of your scheduled training, you may pull up this request by its RCNI number, and save it as a hold again, which will submit it as a ‘request’ instead of a ‘hold’ to RFMSS.

Where do I find range 1 in rfmss?

RFMSS will then pull up the calendar for what has been scheduled. And if you look in the fourth picture, you will see I have scrolled down to it and selected Range 1. If you look at January 3rd, you’ll notice it shows an x1 where the date/range column and rows intersect.

What kind of browser do you need for rfmss?

System Requirements RFMSS is a web enabled system using Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) web browser to access the RFMSS application both locally and remotely (via the RFMSS web server at Ft. Belvoir). It is assumed that the server will be a Microsoft Windows 2008 Server.