How did Windrider get his name?

How did Windrider get his name?

How Windrider Got His Name. Incredibly, Moon Shadow’s father says he’s had the name Windrider since before he was born! The name was given to him by the Dragon King. The Dragon King is a creature who rules reptiles and animals who live in the sea – and maybe even over all animals.

What did Moon Shadow find out about Windrider?

Windrider takes Moon Shadow with him on his laundry pick-up and delivery route. He tells him about how Grandfather died, and about how hard Windrider’s first years were in America.

How are uncle and Windrider different?

Windrider is more idealistic than Uncle. He dreams of being able to fly. Uncle is more down to earth and says this is foolish. Windrider also wanted to bring his wife to America.

Why was Windrider reborn as a soft skin?

Still in Windrider’s memory, the Dragon King tells Windrider that he used to be a fine dragon, but was punished for immoral behavior by being transformed into a “softskin,” or human (3.33). He was punished for trying to extinguish the sun with the force of his wings.

What did the soldiers make the Tang people do?

The soldiers round up all of the Tang people from the camp and march them out. The next day, they are rounded up and moved again. Soldiers herd them around the city day after day. Rumors swirl that they will not be allowed back to their neighborhood to rebuild.

What does Windrider and Moon Shadow read about in the newspaper?

Alger gives Windrider his card, saying that he could use “honest handymen” (4.47). Moon Shadow reads Mr. Alger’s business card, so we learn his name is Oliver and he is in real estate. Windrider studies the demons’ newspapers and magazines extra hard after meeting Mr.

Who is white deer in Dragonwings?

White Deer is a vegetarian and a devout Buddhist. Though he is an herbivore, however, White Deer cooks a wide array of scrumptious-sounding foods, including meat, for his cronies in the Company. Really, Yep gives us more details about the food White Deer prepares than information on the man himself.

What was Windrider room covered in?

Moon Shadow explains that Tang men can and do have multiple names throughout a lifetime. Windrider shows Moon Shadow their room. It is filled with small machines that are foreign to Moon Shadow.

How does Windrider help his son in Dragonwings?

Windrider shows his son the gadgets he builds and tells his son he wants to build an airplane. Uncle Bright Star thinks Windrider is crazy, but Moon Shadow is amazed. Moon Shadow helps his father at work and goes to school. He works on the car of a white man named Mr. Alger, and wins his respect.

Where do windrider and Moon Shadow live in Dragonwings?

Dragonwings Summary 1 Moon Shadow leaves behind his mother in China to live with his father, Windrider, in San Francisco, where they work for the family business, a laundromat. 2 Windrider and Moon Shadow move to Oakland to build an airplane, called Dragonwings, together. 3 Windrider takes flight in Dragonwings but crashes.

Who are the main characters in Dragonwings The book?

Moon Shadow is brave and loyal, and he ends his story as a young teenager. Windrider Lee is Moon Shadow’s father. He dreams of flying, and Moon Shadow helps him build and launch an airplane, which they name Dragonwings. Mother is Moon Shadow’s mother and Windrider’s wife.

Who is hand clap from Dragonwings related to?

Hand Clap is sent to China to retrieve Moon Shadow and bring him to America. He is Windrider’s cousin and a generally easygoing person. He also provides guidance to Moon Shadow when needed. Black Dog, Uncle Bright Star’s son, is a violent man who suffers from an addiction to opium.