How did Doris Miller impact the world?

How did Doris Miller impact the world?

Doris Miller, byname Dorrie, (born October 12, 1919, Waco, Texas, U.S.—died November 24, 1943, off Butaritari Atoll, Gilbert Islands), U.S. naval serviceman noted for his bravery during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (1941). He was the first African American recipient of the Navy Cross for valour.

Did Dorie Miller shoot down planes?

“In one remarkable act of bravery, Doris `Dorie’ Miller, a steward aboard the USS West Virginia, manned a machine gun and successfully shot down multiple Japanese aircraft despite not having been trained to use the weapon.

How many Japanese planes did Doris Miller shoot down?

four Japanese aircraft
‘ Before the heat of the flames on the West Virginia forced its crew to leap into the sea, Miller had directed his machine gun so effectively that possibly four Japanese aircraft were shot down as they passed over his station.

What made Miller an unlikely hero?

He was an unlikely hero in that he didn’t have an outgoing personality. When he did gain notoriety and distinction as a hero, he accepted the responsibility and the challenge of fulfilling the role of civil rights advocate.

How did Miller’s life change after Pearl Harbor?

Miller was later killed in action in World War II and never lived to see the lasting effects of his heroics. After Pearl Harbor, Miller went on serving his nation in World War II, and in 1943, he was one of hundreds of sailors killed when their ship was torpedoed and sank in the Pacific.

Who plays the cook in Pearl Harbor?

It was nominated for four Academy Awards. Cuba Gooding Jr. portrayed cook Doris “Dorie” Miller, but was his character based on reality? Yes, he was.

Why was Miller sent on a tour of the US?

As happened with other war heroes, Dorie Miller was then sent on a tour in the States to raise money for war bonds, but Miller he was soon called back (spring ’43) to serve on the new escort carrier the USS Liscome Bay. The ship was operating in the Pacific near the Gilbert Islands.

What did Doris Miller do for a living?

Doris Miller, known as Dorie to his friends and shipmates, was a U.S. Navy hero who just wanted to travel the world and support his family. He worked in the kitchen as a ship’s cook, third class, before a world-changing event thrust him into the spotlight. Miller was born on Oct. 12, 1919, in Waco, Texas.

What did Doris Miller do during Pearl Harbor?

During the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, Miller manned anti-aircraft guns (despite having no formal training in their use) and attended to the wounded. For his actions, he was recognized by the Navy and awarded the Navy Cross.

How did Doris Miller get the Navy Cross?

Doris Miller. He was the first African American recipient of the Navy Cross for valour. Miller worked on his family’s farm and played football in high school before he enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1939, having both a desire to travel and a need to support his family. He accepted a position as a ship’s mess attendant.

Where did Doris Miller die in World War 2?

Sadly, Doris Miller died in action on November 24, 1943, on board the USS Liscome Bay in the Pacific Ocean. The newly constructed ship was an escort carrier, and a single Japanese torpedo sank the vessel off the coast of Butaritari Island. Two-thirds of the ship’s crew died with the ship because it sank quickly.