How can I send bulk SMS with my company name?

How can I send bulk SMS with my company name?


  1. With the use of a bulk SMS website, you can send SMS with your company’s name.
  2. Open a free bulk SMS account, make payments for the SMS units and start sending your customized bulk SMS.

How do I send a branded SMS with a company name instead of a number?

Login into the Customer Portal and navigate to the Sender names tab in the SMS messages section. If your company name is not listed below, add it! Confirm the right to use the desired name and wait for the verification.

How do companies send texts with their name?

You can send SMSes from a company name or brand name using a Sender ID. A Sender ID is a unique name or standard mobile number that shows in the “from” field of your text messages on your phone. You can send SMSes from a company name or brand name using a Sender ID.

How do I send commercial SMS in bulk?

How to Send Bulk SMS with Free Bulk SMS Sender

  1. Compose your message to be sent through bulk SMS free apps.
  2. Add recipients by selecting the number from your contacts.
  3. Type the message you want to convey to your target customers in the message box.
  4. Preview your message & hit the send button! It’s that simple.

How can I send bulk SMS with my company name in India?

Click On Bulk SMS Login Here Link. Fill Username and Password on Login Page. Login Successfully….Click on Add Sender ID.

  1. Wait For Message.
  2. Your Sender Name is Approved by Admin Soon.
  3. Close the New Layer Window.
  4. You Will Get SMS On Your Registered Mobile Phone.

How do you send a message to a company?

Manage your conversations with businesses

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app .
  2. Tap Explore select a category like Restaurants or Bars.
  3. Select a business.
  4. Type your message and tap send.
  5. To check your messages in Google Maps, tap Updates.

How can I send bulk SMS to all contacts?

In order to send a WhatsApp message to multiple contacts, take the following steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Tap the Menu Button to open the main menu.
  3. Select New Broadcast.
  4. Tap on the plus sign (+) to select contacts whom you want to send the bulk message.
  5. Tap on Done.
  6. Tap on Create.

How do I start a bulk SMS business?

Get Started with the Bulk SMS Service Business in India

  1. Become a Bulk SMS Service Provider. To setup an SMS gateway of your own, you have to follow the following steps:
  2. Start as a Bulk SMS Reseller.
  3. Get into the Business as Bulk SMS Aggregator.

How can I buy bulk SMS pack?


  1. 5000 SMS @ Rs.1062/- (Inclusive GST) Valid for 1 Year. Rate per sms Rs.0.18.
  2. 5000 SMS.
  3. 10000 SMS @ Rs.2006/- (Inclusive GST) Valid for 1 Year. Rate per sms Rs.0.17.
  4. 10000 SMS.
  5. 25000 SMS @ Rs.4720/- (Inclusive GST) Valid for 1 Year.
  6. 25000 SMS.
  7. 50000 SMS @ Rs.8850/- (Inclusive GST) Valid for 1 Year.
  8. 50000 SMS.