Has Rochester NY Ever Had 100 degrees?

Has Rochester NY Ever Had 100 degrees?

Three days — July 3, 1911, July 8, 1936 and June 21, 1953 — reached the 100-degree mark in Rochester’s history. The record-breaking day in 1953 followed an overnight storm that left many residents south and east of Rochester without power or phone lines and emptying flooded basements following an electrical storm.

Did Rochester break a heat record today?

Rochester breaks daily high-temperature record. Tuesday’s temperature peaked at 94 degrees in Rochester at 2:17 p.m., toppling the date’s record high of 93, set in 1948.

What is the hottest New York has ever been?

Summary Statistics

All-time Maximum Temperature 106°F – July 9th, 1936
Summers with Most 100°F Days 1953 & 1966 (4)
Earliest 100°F in Season June 26th (1952)
Latest 100°F in Season September 7th (1881)
All-time Warmest Minimum Temperature 84°F – 1908 (twice), 1995 & 2011

How hot does it get in Rochester NY?

In Rochester, the summers are warm and partly cloudy and the winters are freezing, snowy, windy, and mostly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 18°F to 80°F and is rarely below 3°F or above 88°F.

What was the high temperature today in Rochester NY?

High 48F. Winds SSW at 5 to 10 mph. Considerable cloudiness.

What is the dew point in Rochester New York right now?

26 °F
Weather in Rochester, New York, USA

Location: Greater Rochester International Airport
Visibility: 10 mi
Pressure: 30.27 “Hg
Humidity: 51%
Dew Point: 26 °F

How much rain does Rochester NY get?

Climate Averages

Rochester, New York United States
Rainfall 33.4 in. 38.1 in.
Snowfall 77.3 in. 27.8 in.
Precipitation 141.5 days 106.2 days
Sunny 165 days 205 days

What was the hottest day on Earth?

July 10, 1913
On July 10, 1913 in Death Valley, the United States experiences the highest temperature ever recorded on Earth. Measurements showed that the temperature had reached a whopping 134°F or 56.7°C.