Does Ender end up like Peter?

Does Ender end up like Peter?

In the end it is his love that makes him strong enough to go on, and that forever separates him from Peter, who would not do anything for love. Ender hates himself because he is like Peter, and now his sister, the one person he truly loves, is asking him to go back to being like Peter in order to save her life.

Why did Ender’s family move to the country after he left?

The family moves to North Carolina for the good of Valentine and Ender’s brother Peter. This is stated plainly in Chapter 9: Valentine knew why they had moved here. The family hopes the move to a quieter place will curb these violent tendencies, supposedly through the beauty of nature and isolation.

How does Valentine keep herself safe from Peter?

This knowledge is her armor: “to keep herself safe, all she had to do was make sure it was more in Peter’s interest to keep her alive than to have her dead.” Perhaps this is a contributing factor in her decision to help Peter with his Locke and Demosthenes project.

Why is ender given the Dragon Army?

Why is Ender given the Dragon Army? The Dragon Army name had been discontinued because “… Ender is given an army full of small, young, inexperienced, and unnoticed boys. He is not allowed to make any trades because according to Graff, boys would put unfair pressure on their toon leaders to be put in Ender’s army.

What is the message in Ender’s Game?

Compassion is the theme that runs through Ender’s life. It is the defining feature of his existence. The reason that he plays the games so well is his ability to understand the enemy and to inspire loyalty. More than that, it is compassion that saves Ender.

How are Graff and Ender related in Ender’s game?

Ender and Graff don’t have the same relationship as Ender and Valentine, but they have this understanding of each other thorough the course of Ender’s training in battle school, and Graff tries to challenge Ender by indirectly having him “go through” obstacles.

What was the relationship between Ender and Valentine?

He was tough on Ender in order to make him capable of defeating the buggers. Ender and Valentine: Ender and Valentine have a very special relationship. When Ender would get in trouble or have problems on Earth, Valentine was always there to help him.

Why was Ender singled out in Ender’s game?

He is also singled out because he is a Third, a third child, something so rare that it took government authorization to make it possible. Ender has the ability to survive on his own, but there is a great personal risk. His brother Peter needs no one, and yet Ender fears nothing more than becoming his brother.

Why do adults want to control Ender’s life?

The idea of adults as higher powers controlling every aspect of a child’s life brings up the question of whether or not everyone’s life is controlled by another. On the other hand, this conversation shows the humanity and the desperation of the people talking. They want to control Ender, but only because they desperately need him.