Do you think this law is acceptable to people?

Do you think this law is acceptable to people?

1. Do you think this law is acceptable to the people? Yes, I think this law has been accepted well by the people of India. There is growing awareness about the environmental issues and Indians too are making their efforts to save and preserve the environment.

Why do people want to be lawyers ielts?

4 Why some people prefer to be a lawyer? People generally think of lawyers as intelligent. Being a lawyer usually comes with a high salary and practicing law gives people the knowledge and resources to protect themselves legally.

Is kindness the most important quality of a police officer ielts?

7. Is kindness the most important quality of a police officer? Definitely, it is.

Who is most responsible for enforcing the law ielts?

Answer: The judiciary branch of the government is most responsible for enforcing the law in a society and country.

Why do people want to be lawyers?

Opportunity to Help Others. Public lawyers aid legal causes for the greater societal good and assist those who need legal help and might not be able to find so on their own. Underprivileged people, elderly, victims of domestic abuse and children are among the beneficiaries of lawyers.

Why being a police officer is a good job?

Police officers have each others backs, they’re loyal to one another, they stand together, and they stand by each other in good times and bad. Police officers are also highly respected within the community. Police are sworn to serve and protect the people in the communities where they work.

What kind of sport do you like ielts speaking?

Answer A: I really love playing cricket and chess. But I also enjoy kho-kho, table tennis, ludo and monopoly. I think playing monopoly or cricket with your family members is the best retreat.

Do you like picnic ielts?

I love going on a picnic at the beach simply because I enjoy listening to the sound of the sea waves, smelling the sea breeze, and watching the birds fly over the water. Also, it’s a perfect place for a picnic as I can sunbathe that helps me relieve all my work-related stress.

What are the characteristics of law?

8 most essential characteristics of Law

  • It is a set of rules.
  • It regulates the human conduct.
  • It is created and maintained by the state.
  • It has certain amount of stability, fixity and uniformity.
  • It is backed by coercive authority.
  • Its violation leads to punishment.

What makes a great lawyer?

Great lawyers typically have a passion for a particular legal speciality or practice area, and master excellence as an expert, which fosters a high level of commitment to their work. They also understand their clients’ objectives, and advocate on that basis (not on the law in isolation).

Is law good or bad?

Laws cannot be good or bad, theoretically in as democratic society laws are representative of the values of the majority. If the function of law is to regulate social interaction and you belong to that society you have an obligation to follow their laws.

What are the traits of a lawyer?

Here are my own Most Desirable Character Traits for Lawyers, all of which overlap and contribute to each other: Honesty. Professionalism. Diligence. Trustworthiness. Competence. Skepticism. Objectivity. Proportionate Sense of Self-Worth. Devotion to the law.

What is great law,?

What is known as the “Great Law” is a series of statutes enacted by Pennsylvania’s first legislature that met in Upland, now Chester, on December 4-7, 1682. William Penn supervised their preparation before he arrived in America on October 30, 1682.