Did Catherine de Medici have a child out of wedlock?

Did Catherine de Medici have a child out of wedlock?

Clarissa Delacroix (1539-1557) was the illegitimate daughter of Queen Catherine de Medici and the French noble Richard Delacroix.

How old was Catherine de Medici when she got married?

He cared for her and also arranged her union to Henry, Duke of Orléans, the second son of King Francis I of France, in early 1533. The young couple were married in Marseille on 28 October 1533. Aged just 14, Catherine had now entered into the French royal family – a life-changing experience.

Did Catherine de Medici have a daughter?

Marguerite de Valois
Claude of FranceElisabeth of ValoisJoan of FranceVictoria of France
Catherine de’ Medici/Daughters

Did Prince Francis have an illegitimate child?

John Philip is the illegitimate son born to his father, King Francis, and his mother, Lady Lola. He has been given lands, and titles, including Baron of Vallie.

How are Catherine and Marie de Medici related?

– Henry III (House of Valois): King of France. – Henry de Navarre (House of Boubon): Heir to the French throne and married to Catherine’s daughter, Marguerite (whom he later divorced and went on to marry a distant cousin of Catherine de Medici, Marie de Medici).

How old was Catherine de’Medici when her son became king?

The death of Francis II the following year made Catherine regent for her second son Charles, who became King Charles IX at the age of ten. Through much of the 1560s, the two religious groups were at war while Catherine and Charles tried to avoid siding completely with either camp.

How old was Catherine of Aragon when she married Henry?

In 1533, at the age of fourteen, Catherine married Henry, second son of King Francis I and Queen Claude of France. Throughout his reign, Henry excluded Catherine from participating in state affairs and instead showered favors on his chief mistress, Diane de Poitiers, who wielded much influence over him.

When did Catherine of Aragon become a regent?

Thus occupied, Catherine lived privately though she was appointed regent in 1552 during Henry’s absence at the siege of Metz.