Did Bobby Orr graduate high school?

Did Bobby Orr graduate high school?

R S McLaughlin Collegiate and Vocational Institute
O’Neill Collegiate and Vocational Institute
Bobby Orr/Education

What did Bobby Orr accomplish?

Orr, a 1979 Hockey Hall of Fame inductee, won the Calder Trophy as the top rookie in the NHL in 1966-67; the Norris Trophy as the best defenseman in the League eight times (still a record) in eight seasons, from 1967-68 through 1974-75; the Art Ross Trophy as the top scorer in the NHL in 1969-70 and 1974-75, the only …

Why was Bobby Orr so good?

In a 12-year NHL career that began in 1966, he revolutionized the role of the defenseman before he retired in 1978 at 30. Orr combined speed, strength, skill and hockey savvy at both ends of the ice. He showed a knack for both getting in the way of slap shots at one end and blasting them at the other.

How many hat tricks did Bobby Orr have in his career?

NHL Leaders

Player Years HAT
Ron Duguay 1977-89 9
Corey Perry 2005-22 9
Bobby Orr* 1966-79 9
Miroslav Frycer 1981-89 9

Who is Bobby Orr and what did he do?

Robert Gordon “Bobby” Orr is a former professional ice hockey player regarded as one of the greatest ever players of the game. He played as a defenceman and used his ice skating speed and play-making abilities to develop his own unique technique of playing in that position.

How old was Bobby Orr when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame?

Orr won a record eight consecutive Norris Trophies as the NHL’s best defenceman and three consecutive Hart Trophies as the league’s most valuable player (MVP). Orr was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1979 at age 31, the youngest to be inducted at that time.

How many goals did Bobby Orr score as a junior?

Orr scored 29 goals to set a junior record for goals by a defenceman and was named to the OHA’s First All-Star team. Orr’s goal and point totals increased every year during his junior career, and he was named to the OHA First-All Star team every season he was in the OHA.

How many seasons did Bobby Orr play in the NHL?

Orr used his ice skating speed, scoring, and play-making abilities to revolutionize the position of defenceman. He played in the National Hockey League (NHL) for 12 seasons, starting with 10 with the Boston Bruins followed by two with the Chicago Black Hawks.