Can molecules have the same atoms?

Can molecules have the same atoms?

Molecules with the same atoms in different arrangements are called isomers. Also carbohydrates, for example, have the same ratio (carbon:hydrogen:oxygen= 1:2:1) (and thus the same empirical formula) but different total numbers of atoms in the molecule.

Are molecules smaller than atoms?

Atoms are even smaller than molecules. Molecules are made up of atoms. Dust, air, water, people— everything is made of atoms.

How do you find atoms in molecules?

Converting to moles is fairly easy because the conversion is always the same. A mole is 6.022 × 1023 of something, and this number is referred to as Avogadro’s number. In chemistry, this is: # of moles × Avogadro’s number = # of atoms or molecules.

How are molecules and atoms similar?

A molecule is made up of atoms bonded together. So, while an atom is its own separate entity, a molecule is what you get when those atoms bond together. These might be the same elements, such as two oxygen atoms bonded together (O2), or it might be different atoms bonded together like water (H2O).

What is smaller an atom or a molecule?

In this article, we will discuss the difference between atom and molecule with regard to their chemical as well as physical properties. The main difference between atom and molecule is their size; an atom is the smallest component of an element whereas a molecule is made of two or more atoms.

How to form a molecule?

Molecules form when two or more atoms form chemical bonds with each other . It doesn’t matter if the atoms are the same or are different from each other.

What is the comparison between atoms?

An atom exists either as a neutral component (with equal number of protons and electrons) or as an ion (a positive ion has greater number of protons than electrons, and a negative ion has more electrons than protons.

What is an example of a molecule?

The definition of a molecule is the smallest amount of something, particularly of a chemical substance, that can exist on its own. An example of a molecule are two atoms of hydrogen.