Can I get a copy of my survey?

Can I get a copy of my survey?

As a homeowner, you can view the property survey records by visiting your official county recorder or assessor’s office or website, which should have public maps for all of the real estate in the area.

Does a survey have to be recorded?

Many surveys in California are performed that are Not required to be Recorded (filed for record). You should ask the Surveyor if he/she will be recording his survey. The actual findings of the survey, the history of that particular land, and how the findings are presented may Not require any record to be filed.

What information does a land survey provide?

Land surveying allows you to understand your land boundaries. A survey is performed in order to locate, describe, monument, and map the boundaries and corners of a parcel of land. It might also include the topography of the parcel, and the location of buildings and other improvements made to the parcel.

What does it mean when land has been surveyed?

A land survey is a drawing that shows exactly where the boundaries of a property are. A survey will also lay out the dimensions and location of any buildings or other site improvements on the property.

What triggers a record of survey?

In creating a record of survey, a land surveyor or civil engineer is providing their professional opinion on the physical land boundaries or property lines for a specific parcel of land. They are not however determining the physical ownership of those boundaries as only a court of law can make such a determination.

What does a record of survey look like?

A Record of Survey is an official map (18 x 26) that is reviewed by the County Surveyors Office and then recorded with the County Recorder’s Office. This map represents a survey made on the ground and delineates the deed described lines.

What types of property surveys are there?

A Look at Some of the Different Types of Land Surveys

  • ALTA / ACSM Survey. This type of survey is typically conducted for use in the buying and selling of real estate.
  • Boundary Survey.
  • Construction Staking.
  • Location Survey.
  • Right-of-Way Survey.
  • Topographic Survey.

Can you find out if a survey has been done on property?

Contact your loan officer to find out if he has access the property’s survey. The mortgage lender might have a copy of the property survey, because it also holds the title. Contact your state’s surveyors association once you locate the license number of the original surveyor.

Can I do my own property survey?

Performing a property survey by yourself can be a more cost-effective way to go, but can potentially get you in trouble. If you’re off by even a small margin and build something on a neighboring property, your neighbor can take you to court, which could end up costing you thousands.

What happens if I take a land survey to court?

Keep in mind that a land survey is your only legal means of officially determining property ownership. If you take the conflict to court, it is likely the judge will order another independent land survey to be completed on your property to settle that dispute, with that surveyor’s findings being considered binding.

Can a land surveyor Mark a property line?

Don’t be so sure that you aren’t encroaching onto property that legally belongs to your neighbor, or that they aren’t technically doing the same with your property. When in doubt, hire a land surveyor to mark the exact property line. MYTH 3: I can build my fence on the property line without a survey.

Are there any myths about a land survey?

MYTH 1: Land surveys aren’t necessary if you can find the survey stakes. If you located the survey stakes from a previous survey, all you know is that there was a previous surveyor who might have determined that this location was on the edge of the property; that doesn’t mean the survey is accurate, or that you’ve actually found your property line.

Do you need a deed for a land survey?

Your deed will contain a legal description of the boundary. This document will be of great assistance to the surveyor in his or her work. Keep in mind that a land survey is your only legal means of officially determining property ownership.