Can God restore your virginity?

Can God restore your virginity?

As the loss of virginity is an evil, getting virginity back would be a good thing. Since God Almighty can will and do anything that is good, he can will to restore virginity, and he can restore it.

Why does God want us to wait until marriage?

It means that no matter what you did before your marriage, if you have accepted Christ, before God you are pure. It means that you have a new start: If anyone is in Christ he is a new creation; the old has passed away, the new has come!

What are the values of virginity before marriage?

The following are some of the values of being a virgin before and after marriage.

  • It reassures the husband that the girl he is marring has never been wayward.
  • He/She is free from STDs, HIV/AIDS.
  • It gives the girl the confidence that she has none of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) before marriage.

What can I do to restore my virginity?

There is a procedure known as hymenoplasty which involves suturing the remains of the original hymen. It is also used to create a new hymen without leaving any visible trace that the person has had the procedure. This surgery is often performed under local anaesthesia.

How can I be a born again virgin?

A born-again virgin (also known as a secondary), is a person who, after having engaged in sexual intercourse, makes some type of commitment not to be sexually active again until marriage (or some other defined point in the future, or indefinitely), whether for religious, moral, practical, or other reasons.

What are the benefits of waiting until marriage?

Three Benefits of Waiting Until Marriage

  • Relationships Improve. One of the perks of waiting is it gives you time to develop good relationship skills.
  • Less Chance of Divorce. Couples who wait to have sex until marriage and remain abstinent while dating are less likely to get divorced.
  • Self-Control Is Good.

Does virginity matter in marriage?

Virginity still seems to be a big deal when it comes to marriage. No matter how modern people claim to be, they still want a virgin while getting married. Suparna Gupta, an architect confesses, “I have been in an intense relationship in my past, because of his family issues we couldn’t take it forward.