Why was Mission Espada built?

Why was Mission Espada built?

Rancho de las Cabras was established between 1750 and 1760, 30 miles southeast of San Antonio de Bexar under the jurisdiction of Mission Espada, so as to provide land for cultivation of crops and livestock for the Mission’s population without intruding on private lands.

Why was Concepcion built?

Archeological findings suggest that Concepción was built on the site of a previous mission-either that of San Francisco Xavier de Nájera (1722–26) or San José’s original location. Efforts were made to bring Indians from various, mostly Coahuiltecan, tribes to the new Queretaran missions.

What did the missionaries do at La Purisima?

They built temporary buildings and started translating the Catholic mass and instructional materials into the native language. A corporal and five soldiers protected the settlement. Other missions sent farm animals, food, seeds and cuttings for orchards and vineyards to La Purisima Mission.

Is the La Purisima Mission a state park?

Today, visitors can see and experience many of these historic missions throughout California. The La Purísima Mission, a National Historic Landmark, is considered the most fully restored of these Spanish missions and today is a State park.

When did the Chumash revolt at La Purisima?

In February 1824, the severe whipping of a Chumash worker at Mission Santa Inés set off a revolt that spread to other missions. While many Chumash fled north, several hundred occupied La Purísima until soldiers recaptured the mission on March 17.

What did otters do at Mission La Purisima?

Sea Otters lived in the ocean near La Purisima and were hunted by traders. These hunters threatened the tribe members not living with the protection of the Mission and many moved to the mission for their help. The Fathers followed a regular plan for creating the layout of the mission buildings.