Why is this section titled The Fall?

Why is this section titled The Fall?

Why is this section titled “The Fall”? Dana falls from the sky when she is transported. It takes place during the fall season, after Tom Weylin is killed. It takes place during the fall season, after Tom Weylin is killed.

What year is the fall in Kindred?

They tell Rufus that they come from California and the year 1976.

Why was Dana whipped at the end of the fall?

As she gets up to burn a spelling test Nigel has just passed, Weylin comes in. Enraged that Dana has been reading, he drags her outside and whips her. She gets dizzy before Kevin can make it to her side.

How old is Rufus in the fall?

A 12-year-old Rufus has fallen from a tree and broken his leg.

What happens to Kevin in Kindred?

Kevin’s sense of morality eventually lands him in hot water when he gets stuck in slave times. As Dana notices after they’re reunited, “There was a jagged scar across his forehead—the remnant of what must have been a bad wound. This place, this time, hadn’t been any kinder to him than it had been to me” (4.16. 37).

Who is Luke in Kindred?

Luke. Nigel’s father and Carrie’s husband. Luke teaches his son how to disobey whites’ orders without overtly contradicting them. Weylin sells Luke simply because he tires of his sass, a decision that frightens Dana and show that no one is safe from the cruelty and arbitrary whims of whites.

Where does Dana live in Kindred?

Dana’s homes are her house in California and the Weylin plantation in Maryland in Kindred. However, the idea of home also applies to the two time periods in which she lives.

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What is the summary of the book Kindred?

Kindred Summary 1 Dana is transported back to the antebellum South whenever her ancestor Rufus’s life is in danger. 2 Despite Dana’s attempts to instill Rufus with morals, he grows up to be a violent racist who rapes a slave woman, thus beginning Dana’s bloodline. 3 In the end, Dana stabs Rufus and escapes back to the present.

What did Sarah tell Dana in Kindred the fall?

Sarah tells Dana that her husband is dead, and that Carrie is the only one of her four children whom Weylin didn’t sell. Dana marvels that Sarah, who cooks the Weylins’ food, has not poisoned Mr. Weylin yet. Kevin comes for Dana, and they talk. She explains that she is worried he will be left behind if she gets dizzy when he is not around.

Who is the Black Boy in Kindred the fall?

The black boy, Nigel, is afraid of Dana until Rufus says that Dana is here to help. Dana sends Nigel to get Tom Weylin to bring a wagon for Rufus, and Nigel is distracted by Dana’s “funny” accent and men’s clothing.

When did the trouble start for Dana and Kevin in Kindred?

LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Kindred, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Dana explains that the trouble began for her on June 9th, 1976, her twenty-sixth birthday, when she met Rufus. Dana and Kevin were busy moving to their new house, though Kevin stops unpacking to go to his office and write.