Why is Mr Utterson worried about Dr Jekyll?

Why is Mr Utterson worried about Dr Jekyll?

Utterson is concerned after reading Dr. Jekyll’s will because his friend is leaving everything to Mr. Hyde, a man Mr. Utterson has never heard of or met.

What does Mr Utterson find out about Dr Jekyll’s will?

Utterson, prompted by his conversation with Enfield, goes home to study a will that he drew up for his close friend Dr. It states that in the event of the death or disappearance of Jekyll, all of his property should be given over immediately to a Mr. Edward Hyde.

What does Mr Utterson believe Dr Jekyll must confess?

“Jekyll,” said Utterson, “you know me; I am a man to be trusted. Make a clean breast of this in confidence and I make no doubt that I can get you out of it.” What does Utterson believe that Jekyll must confess? That Jekyll is being blackmailed by Hyde for some thoughtless crime in his past.

Why does Utterson say God forgive us?

Why does Utterson say “God forgive us.” It reveals Utterson’s desperation. He is asking God to forgive him and Enfield for seeing this horrible event and just walking away without confronting Jekyll or helping him.

How does Utterson view the relationship between Jekyll and Hyde?

How does Utterson perceive the relationship between Jekyll and Hyde for most of the novel? They construe the Hyde-Jekyll connection as nothing more than the grip of a common criminal on his victim. They serve to make sense of a baffling situation, and they are reasonable.

What does Jekyll tell Utterson about Hyde and what does this reveal?

Concerning Hyde, Jekyll says that Utterson will never understand. He says that he has “a very great interest in Hyde,” and that if he is “taken away,” he wants Utterson to promise him that Hyde will get everything entitled to him in Jekyll’s will. Utterson is blunt; he is sure that he can never like Hyde.

What story does Enfield tell when he and Utterson pass the door What does hearing the story cause Utterson to do?

What does hearing the story cause Utterson to do? Enfield tells the story of Hyde trampling the small child. This causes Utterson to read Dr. Jekyll’s will closely.

What is symbolic about Utterson’s full name?

What is symbolic about Utterson’s full name? Utterson’s full name is Gabriel John Utterson, and Gabriel is the name of the four archangels. This archangel was given the role of messenger.

What does Utterson do at the end of Dr.Jekyll?

Thus, even at the end, when he is summoned by Poole to Jekyll’s home and all the servants are gathered frightened in the hallway, Utterson continues to look for an explanation that preserves reason. He desperately searches for excuses not to take any drastic steps to interfere with Jekyll’s life.

Why does Dr.Jekyll worry about Mr Hyde?

Because of his personality, he does not have any other friends apart from some, including Dr. Jekyll or Dr. Lanyon. When he sees, as a lawyer, the will written by Dr. Jekyll, he starts to worry. The reason is that the will has conditions that seem forced, and unreal, and he wonders who Mr. Hyde is.

Why is Mr Utterson important to the story?

Utterson’s importance to the story is characterized by his character, the way others portray him through indirect characterization, and direct characterization by the author. Mr. Utterson is a vital character to the novel, and he is the eye we see the book from. His importance in the novel as a whole, therefore,…

How did Mr Utterson get into the Doctor’s cabinet?

At the further end, a flight of stairs mounted to a door covered with red baize; and through this, Mr. Utterson was at last received into the doctor’s cabinet.