Why do students prefer IIT Bombay?

Why do students prefer IIT Bombay?

Living in a metro has its perks like better connectivity and better hostels. IIT Bombay is considered safer than IIT Delhi – for girls and for boys. Besides, you have more fun options to explore and of course, pretty girls to check out (don’t forget that IITians, even JEE toppers, are college students too).

What is special about IIT Bombay?

Established in 1958, the second of its kind, IIT Bombay was the first to be set up with foreign assistance. IIT Bombay also builds links with peer universities and institutes, both at the national and the international levels, to enhance research and enrich its educational programmes. …

What is the motto of IIT Bombay?

ज्ञानम् परमम् ध्येयम्Knowledge is the Supreme Goal.
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay/Motto

Why IIT students are best?

IITians are involved in many activities, making their life at IITs an enjoyable and holistic experience. Apart from attending classes, students proactively participate in activities ranging from sports to arts to other diverse fields.

Which IIT is best Madras or Bombay?

The top rankers prefer IIT Bombay due to its reputation and performance. Placement opportunity is marginally better as most corporates are having their Head Offices in Mumbai….Advantages of IIT Madras –

Categories IIT Bombay IIT Madras
Highest CTC 60 LPA 35-39 LPA
Average CTC 29 LPA 22-23 LPA

Which rank students get IIT Bombay?

Students must secure rank among the top 2,24,000* (including all categories) in Paper-1 of JEE Main, then only he/she will be eligible to get admission in IIT Bombay.

Why would you like to join IIT?

Why Are IITs preferred over other Engineering Institutes? IITs have great faculties and attractive laboratories with all the facilities available. This apart, the brand value of all the IITs are enormous. Whenever people just hear the word ‘IIT’ they scream in awe and in appreciation of their great alumni network.

Which IIT is best for CSE?

IIT Delhi
Top 5 Computer Science Engineering Colleges in India

Sl No College Name NIRF Ranking’21
1 IIT Delhi 2
2 IIT Kanpur 4
3 IIT Bombay 3
4 IIT Kharagpur 5

Is IISc a university?

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) is a public, deemed, research university for higher education and research in science, engineering, design, and management.

Is IIT harder than Harvard?

The acceptance rate of 5.8% at Harvard is amongst the lowest in the US which ironically makes it 8 times easier to get into than the IITs….IIT JEE is the Toughest Exam in the World:

College Applications Acc. Rate
Columbia 33.531 6.9%
Cornell 40,006 15.2%
SanDartmouth 22,416 10%
Harvard 35,023 5.8%