Why did the German soldiers stop Annemarie?

Why did the German soldiers stop Annemarie?

Annemarie, her younger sister Kirsti, and her best friend Ellen Rosen race home from school. On the way, two German soldiers stop them. Annemarie is disgusted by the fact that the soldier’s Danish is so poor after three years of occupation. The soldiers interrogate the girls.

What was at the end of the path Number the Stars?

Annemarie remembers those repetitions of the story and imagines herself as the hero. She is faced with wolves—in this case in the form of dogs and soldiers—and she must be brave. The reader already knows the soldiers can be cruel, but the reader will also recall that Little Red Riding Hood is victorious in the end.

What did Annemarie Kirsti and Ellen do on the way home from school?

What happened to Annemarie, Ellen, and Kirsti on their way home from school? The girls were stopped by German soldiers. The soldiers also asked the girls if they were good students.

What was Annemarie’s first test of bravery?

What was the first test of Annemarie’s bravery? Her first test was when the soldier asked her about the funeral.

How does Kirsti behave around the German soldiers?

How does Kirsti behave around the German soldiers? Kirsti is defiant, stubborn, and speaks loudly to the soldiers. Her behavior shows she has no fear of them.

What story did Annemarie think of while she was running to the boat?

Annemarie shivers in the early morning cold. She is on the path to the boat. Annemarie thinks of a story she has sometimes told Kirsti, the story of Little Red Riding-Hood. She smiles remembering her sister’s constant interruptions.

Why were Annemarie Ellen and Kirsti stopped by the soldiers?

Why were Annemarie,Ellen,and Kirsti stopped by soldiers? They were stopped by soldiers because Annemarie and Ellen had a race.

Does Annemarie feel that she is brave Why or why not?

Annemarie does not feel that she was brave because she feels so frightened.

Why did Annemarie behave like Kirsti when she was stopped?

Answer in C/C/C (Chapter 15) She behaved like Kirsti because she told herself what would Kirsti do in these situations. According to the text it says that she told herself what would Kirsti do if she was in this situation. Therefore she behaved like that because she did what Kirsti would do.

Why does Annemarie pretend to be a silly child?

Annemarie’s mind rushes to what her mother told her. She must pretend to be nothing more than a silly, innocent child. She remembers how Kirsti acted when the soldier stopped them on the way home from school. Her sister was not afraid because she did not recognize the danger. Annemarie tries her hardest to act like Kirsti might.

Why did Annemarie say she would die for him?

Annemarie said she would die for him, too. She had asked why the king wasn’t able to protect them from the Nazis. Her father explained that Denmark is a very small country, and other countries that fought were crushed. Annemarie replied that Sweden was not occupied.

Where did Annemarie say Sweden was not occupied?

Annemarie replied that Sweden was not occupied. She remembered seeing Sweden from the shore at her Uncle Henrik’s house. In bed, Annemarie considers how things have changed since the time when her father told the story of the soldier and the young man.