Why did Sam come back to Redding?

Why did Sam come back to Redding?

Summary: April 1775, Sam Meeker returns to his parents’ tavern in Redding Ridge and announces that he has joined the Patriots in the fight against the British. He wants to take his father’s Brown Bess.

How long does Tim have to wait before Sam finally returns?

They make him wait for two hours, then General Putnam agreed to consider it and allows Tim to go and see Sam. CH13: What is the last thing that Sam tells Tim? You’re the best brother I’ve got.

How did my brother Sam run away from home?

When the brothers are outside together doing chores around their family’s tavern, Sam confides in Tim his plan to steal their father’s gun in order to fight. Tim protests, but he can do nothing to stop Sam. That night, Mr. Meeker and Sam have an argument about the war and Sam runs away from home.

When does my brother Sam is dead take place?

My Brother Sam is Dead: Summary | SparkNotes My Brother Sam is Dead When Sam Meeker returns home from college in the spring of 1775 and announces that he has decided to enlist in the Rebel army, his parents are appalled, but his younger brother, Tim, is wide-eyed with admiration.

How does Tim react to my brother Sam is dead?

The first is Tim’s response to the news of Sam’s execution date, a reaction first of sadness and then of anger and determination to fight against the sentence, even at the risk of his own life. Tim acts coldly and bravely but without any plan, and his plans fall flat when he cannot bring himself to shoot the soldier or find Sam’s prison.

Why did Tim take the Brown Bess from Sam?

Tim takes the Brown Bess, a rifle, from his brother Sam to protect his father against the continental soldiers. At the beginning of the chapter, Sam runs toward his house when he sees the soldiers… In the book My Brother Sam is Dead, what is the setting in Chapter 5?