Who wrote encore by Cheryl Lynn?

Who wrote encore by Cheryl Lynn?

Jimmy Jam
Terry Lewis

Who wrote encore?

Kanye West

Who was the group encore?

Katlyn Nichol, Christopher Jefferson, and Jelani Winston star as the group, Encore, on American Soul on BET, our new original series coming February 5 9/8c.

What is an encore song?

A performance that’s repeated or added to the regular performance is called an encore. In essence they are shouting, “Again!” After a musical number, the encore may take the form of a repeated verse or chorus. At the end of a concert, the encore may be a whole extra set.

Who produced Got7 encore?

member Jinyoung
More videos on YouTube But the septet officially put those rumors to rest this week with the release of the surprise single “Encore.” Written and co-produced by Got7 member Jinyoung, the tender, R&B-tinged ballad reads like a love letter to their fans (affectionately referred to as “Ahgase”).

Who were the original members of Encore?

The first season features Nivea, Aubrey O’Day (Danity Kane), Shamari DeVoe (Blaque), Kiely Williams (3LW), Pamela Long (Total), Irish and LeMisha Grinstead (702), and Felisha and Fallon King (Cherish).

Did Elvis ever do an encore?

In the early days of modern rock music, Elvis Presley never played encores, a practice his manager Col. Tom Parker intended to leave audiences wanting more. He and his band leave the stage after performing their set and return for a typical encore of usually two songs and band introductions.

Who was the original singer of Cheryl Lynn’s Encore?

The song is written and produced by the highly successful Minneapolis funk duo, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. Although the single peaked at #69 on the Hot 100, it was the duo’s first number one R&B hit as producers/writers and Lynn’s second number one charting R&B single. It is the opening track to her album Preppie.

When did Cheryl Lynn release her ninth album?

During 1995, after a six-year hiatus from recording her own material, Lynn teamed with producer/songwriter Teddy Riley (formerly of the new jack swing music group Guy ), to record her ninth album, Good Time. It was released in Japan and the United Kingdom, and later in the United States as an imported CD.

Who was the producer of Cheryl Lynn’s album in the night?

In 1981 Ray Parker Jr. was called in to produced Lynn’s third album, In The Night. It featured the major dance & R&B single, “Shake It Up, Tonight”. The next year, Luther Vandross was asked to produce Lynn’s fourth album, Instant Love.

Who is the producer of entiled Cheryl Lynn?

Entiled Cheryl Lynn, it was produced by Paich. It sold more than a million copies and scored #5 on Billboard magazine ‘ s R&B albums chart and #23 on Billboard s top 200 album charts. The next single from the album, written by Judy Wieder and John Footman, ” Star Love “, also became a top selling success.