Who wants to marry Juliet in the first act?

Who wants to marry Juliet in the first act?

Act 1 Scene 2 Paris visits Lord Capulet to ask for Juliet’s hand in marriage. Lord Capulet thinks Juliet is too young to marry saying to Paris ‘Let two more summers wither in their pride, / Ere we may think her ripe to be a bride’. However, he later encourages Paris to woo her at a ball at his house.

Does Lady Capulet want Juliet to marry?

Lady Capulet wants Juliet to marry Paris because it is the best way for Juliet to secure a stronger social position, while increasing the family’s…

Who is Juliet forced to marry?

After Romeo is banished, Juliet’s tears are believed to be in response to the death of her cousin Tybalt. Capulet decides that Juliet needs to marry Paris. When she refuses her father, he becomes irate and threatens that he will disown her – and throw her out of the house – if she does not obey him.

Who asked who to get married in Romeo and Juliet?

When Romeo, somewhat desperate because Juliet’s nurse is calling her, asks what she wants and what he can do, Juliet tells him that he can back up his beautiful words with deeds and marry her. She is the one, therefore, who proposes marriage.

Why does Capulet want Juliet married?

Lord Capulet wants to Juliet to get married quickly because he believes this will help cure her grief. He has watched her crying and crying inconsolably and thinks this is due to her cousin Tybalt’s death. Lord Capulet is convinced that a quick marriage will settle her down and take her mind off her sorrows.

What is Romeo and Juliet’s plan to get married?

Romeo waits for Nurse to come. After some good-natured rubbing with his friends, he receives Juliet’s answer from her about agreeing to marry him. Romeo tells Nurse that Juliet should meet him at Friar Lawrence’s cell, where they will secretly marry.

What happens in Act 1 Scene 2 of Romeo and Juliet?

Act One, Scene Two Paris Lord Capulet for permission to marry Juliet, but Capulet insists that Paris should be patient, since Juliet is only thirteen. However, Capulet does grant Paris permission to woo Juliet and thereby win her approval.

Who is Juliet’s father who wants to marry her?

Early in the play, in act 1, scene 2, the Count Paris approaches Juliet ‘s father, Lord Capulet, wanting to marry her. However, it seems that the two men have had similar conversations before now because Capulet says that he can only answer by saying o’er what I have said before. My child is yet a stranger in the world.

What does Juliet say to Lady Capulet in Romeo and Juliet?

When Lady and Lord Capulet give Juliet the news, she does not respond as they hoped. She swears never to marry Paris, saying that she would marry Romeo before she married Paris (this is dramatically ironic, as the audience knows she has already, in fact, married Romeo).

How are the characters revealed in Romeo and Juliet?

Almost every character in Romeo and Juliet reveals his or her inner nature through action. For instance, we learn in Act 1 that Benvolio is a pacifist, while Tybalt is hot-headed. Other characters that Shakespeare introduces in Act 1 reveal a glimmer of their inner desires even if they do not yet have a chance to express them.