Who sang No Scrubs?


What does scrub mean in No Scrubs?

“No Scrubs” is one of the first female empowerment tracks of the 90’s, giving birthing to the term “scrub, a derogatory term for a guy who makes little to no money and scrounges off others.

Why did TLC write No Scrubs?

After meeting Briggs through their manager, Burruss and Cottle asked if they could try writing different lyrics to the song, which they then hoped to record. Burruss got the “No Scrubs” idea after talking about some of her ex-boyfriends – she and her friends used the word “scrubs” a lot, which was big in Atlanta.

Who Is No Scrubs written about?

At the time, Kandi said that “scrubs” was Atlanta slang for a guy who was, well, basically… a loser. So, Kandi had wanted to write a song called “No Scrubs” for some time. Kandi took the idea to her Xscape bandmate Tameka “Tiny” Harris, and the two recorded a demo, and started distributing it to industry players.

Did Kandi Burruss wrote No Scrubs?

Kandi Burruss
Kevin “She’kspere” BriggsTameka CottleLisa Lopes
No Scrubs/Composers

Who wrote TLC waterfalls?

Lisa Lopes
Marqueze EthridgeRico WadeSleepy BrownRay Murray
Waterfalls (A Capella)/Composers

Did Alanis Morissette write a song about Uncle Joey?

After nearly two decades of speculation, actor Dave Coulier — aka goofy “Uncle Joey” from “Full House” — is finally confirming that Alanis Morisette’s hit breakup song “You Oughta Know” is indeed about him.

Who wrote Kandi?

Kandi Burruss has had so many different careers that new fans may be unaware that she co-wrote two timeless No. 1 hits in TLC’s “No Scrubs” and Destiny’s Child’s “Bills, Bills, Bills” — and that they competed against each other at the 2000 Grammys (“No Scrubs” came away with the win for Best R&B Song).

Who has Kandi written songs for?

Below are 10 hit songs many may not know Kandi wrote:

  • Whitney Houston – “Tell Me No”
  • Pink – “There You Go”
  • Destiny’s Child – “Bills, Bills, Bills”
  • ‘N Sync — “It Makes Me Ill”
  • Mariah Carey – “X-Girlfriend”
  • Usher – “Pop Ya Collar”
  • Alicia Keys – “Jane Doe”
  • Boyz II Men — “Good Guy”

When did No Scrubs by TLC come out?

Legacy and sampling. After TLC released “No Scrubs” in 1999, Sporty Thievz made an answer song called ” No Pigeons ” that same year. In 2013, DJ and producer Le Youth sampled the song in his single ” Dance with Me “, which reached number 11 on the UK Singles Chart.

Who is the lead singer of No Scrubs?

The single version containing self-written rap by Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes was not included on the album FanMail, and later appeared in a slightly shorter edit on Now and Forever: The Hits and 20. “No Scrubs” was the first time Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas took the sole lead vocals on any TLC single.

What kind of song is No Scrubs by Chilli?

“No Scrubs” is an R&B and hip-pop song. Natelegé Whaley of Vibe stated that the song is “a scathing critique on men at the bottom of the dating pool”. It contains “airy remnants of an electronic guitar”, which begins with Chilli’s angelic vocals.

What’s the length of the song No Scrubs?

Track listings No. Title Length 1. “No Scrubs” (Album Version) (Dirty) 3:39 2. “No Scrubs” (Instrumental) 3:37