Who pays for foundation for a better life?

Who pays for foundation for a better life?

Anschutz Family Foundation
While it officially declares itself a non-partisan and non-sectarian organization, it is funded solely by The Anschutz Family Foundation, which primarily receives its funding from conservative businessman Phillip Anschutz.

Who pays for the pass it on billboards?

We do not pay for any advertising or sponsor any program. All the Foundation’s messages are aired by the media as a public service. Because the media space is donated, we are unable to select when or where our messages appear.

Who Created pass it on?

Pass IT On is a non-profit organization whose mission is to eliminate the technology skills gap experienced by youth and adults in disadvantaged communities. As both a former Maryland public school student and Technology Instructor for Baltimore City Public Schools our founder, Professor Willie Sanders, Jr.

What kind of organization is pass it on?

Pass It Along is a non-profit organization committed to helping build confident, resilient, and compassionate teenagers through self-discovery, volunteerism and leadership.

When did the foundation for a better life start?

Here are a few interesting things about The Foundation for a Better Life. We started over twenty years ago to promote positive role models and remind people of the values we all share. We don’t sell anything or accept monetary donations.

Which is the best way to be a part of the foundation?

The best way to be a part of the Foundation is to incorporate these values in your own life and pass them on to others in your school, workplace, family and any other organization of which you may be a part.

Is the foundation for a better life a political party?

No. The Foundation for a Better Life is not affiliated with any religious or political viewpoint, either formally or informally. We do not endorse any particular political party or religion. We examine our messages rigorously to ensure we present values in intriguing, nonpartisan ways.

What does the founder of ABLF do for a living?

ABLF’s founder Mark Brand speaks on stages worldwide & in the media to address social inequalities, bringing awareness to issues that need our immediate action Facilitating dinner & activations, we hold space for tough conversations that break-bias and inspire positive change for vulnerable communities We respect and honour the powers of others.