Who is Triple H friends with?

Who is Triple H friends with?

Triple H has formed quite a few bonds beyond the obvious ones like his wife Stephanie McMahon and best friend Shawn Michaels.

Are Kane and Triple H friends?

While Kane would never say it openly, there was a time that he likely hated Triple H backstage. But as Triple H grew up and calmed down, a friendship was formed, as evidenced by the large amount of time they worked together on screen over the years.

Are the Rock and HHH friends?

Speaking to Bleacher Report ahead of his 25-year anniversary with the company, Triple H says that while he and Rock weren’t friends, it was more of a competitive rivalry than hate. “It’s a funny thing; we weren’t friendly,” Triple H said.

Is John Cena friends with HHH?

9 Friends With – John Cena It is probably unfair to categorize Triple H and John Cena as friends, but the two have enjoyed a professional relationship that has kept them closely tied for over a decade.

Are Rock and Brock Lesnar friends?

10 Loves: The Rock Over the years, they developed a good bond. The Rock even attended a couple of Lesnar’s UFC fights and visited him in the locker room. There is no doubt that The Rock and Brock Lesnar are friends, despite not having spent much time together in the company.

Who are the best friends of Triple H?

William Regal has remained a loyal friend of Triple H for many years. The two worked together in WCW and connected on a closer level in the WWE. Regal’s vast knowledge and genuine love for the wrestling business made him a peer of Triple H.

Who was Triple H’s first friend in WWE?

Diamond Dallas Page was one of the first friends of Triple H in the wrestling business before the latter joined WWE. Triple H made a handful of friends in WCW with DDP often offering him advice or help. They remained close throughout the years despite rarely working together.

Who is a former enemy of Triple H?

Goldberg is another former enemy of Triple H to make peace in recent years. The two never liked each other with shots being exchanged in interviews during the Monday Night Wars. Triple H even cursed out someone on the reality series Tough Enough for having a Goldberg poster up.

Who are the members of the Kliq with Triple H?

Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman included him in their inner circle. Triple H would have short falling outs with every member of The Kliq at some point over the years, except Nash. The cool demeanor of Nash makes it impossible to get into a fight with him.