Who is the president of the Caribbean islands?

Who is the president of the Caribbean islands?

Barbados has elected its first ever president as it prepares to become a republic, removing Queen Elizabeth as head of state. Dame Sandra Mason, 72, is set to be sworn in on 30 November, which will mark the country’s 55th anniversary of independence from Britain.

Who is in charge of the Caribbean?

National Assembly President Juan Guaidó is recognized by more than 50 countries as the interim president.

Who is the only female prime minister in the Caribbean?

Dame Mary Eugenia Charles
15 May 1919 – Dame Mary Eugenia Charles has the distinction of being the first female lawyer in her native land of Dominica and the first female to be elected Prime Minister in the Caribbean.

Who was Barbados first prime minister?

Errol Barrow

Prime Minister of Barbados
Appointer Governor-General
Term length Five years
Formation 30 November 1966
First holder Errol Barrow

Why did Barbados remove Queen Elizabeth?

Barbados announced its decision to part company with the monarchy in September 2020 amid an intensifying global debate on the malign legacy of colonialism and racial injustice.

Who is the Prime Minister of Barbados presently?

Mia Mottley
Mia Mottley

The Honourable Mia Mottley EGH, OR, QC, MP
Born 1 October 1965 Barbados
Political party Barbados Labour Party
Residence Ilaro Court (2018–present)
Alma mater London School of Economics and Political Science (LLB)

Who is the longest serving lady Prime Minister in the world?

Dame Mary Eugenia Charles, DBE (15 May 1919 – 6 September 2005) was a Dominican politician who was Prime Minister of Dominica from 21 July 1980 until 14 June 1995.

Who is the prime minister of Jamaica?

Andrew HolnessSince 2016
Jamaica/Prime minister

Who are the presidents and Prime Ministers of the world?

List of World President and Prime Ministers : Country Current President and Prime Minister Afghanistan President – Ashraf Ghani (2014–present) Albania President – Ilir Meta (2017–present) Pri Algeria President – Abdelaziz Bouteflika (1999–p Angola President – João Lourenço (2017–present)

Who is the current Prime Minister of Belize?

Nation Head of Government Name of Head of Government In office since Belize Prime Minister Johnny Briceño 12 November 2020 Samoa Prime Minister Naomi Mataʻafa 24 May 2021 Eswatini Prime Minister Cleopas Dlamini 19 July 2021 Saint Lucia Prime Minister Philip Pierre 28 July 2021

Who is the current Prime Minister of Angola?

Prime Minister – Ahmed Ouyahia (2017–present) Angola. President – João Lourenço (2017–present) Antigua and Barbuda. Monarch – Elizabeth II, Queen of Antigua and Barbuda (1981–present) Governor-General – Sir Rodney Williams (2014–present) Prime Minister – Gaston Browne (2014–present) Armenia.