Who is Jose Feliciano parents?

Who is Jose Feliciano parents?

For the Record… Born José Monserrate Feliciano, September 10, 1945, in Lares, Puerto Rico; son of a farmer/longshoreman; married Hilda Perez (a club manager), mid-1960s; married Susan Omillion, 1982; children: Melissa Anne, Jonathan José.

Who was Jose Feliciano family?

Susan Omillian
Janna Merlyn FelicianoMelissa FelicianoJonathan FelicianoMichael Feliciano
José Feliciano/Family

José Feliciano met Susan Omillian, a young art student in Detroit, Michigan in August 1971. After becoming friends and dating for 11 years they married in 1982. They have three children: a daughter, Melissa, and two sons, Jonathan and Michael.

Where is José Feliciano from?

Lares, Puerto Rico
José Feliciano/Place of birth
Feliciano was born in 1945 in Lares, Puerto Rico and has been blind since birth. He was five when he and his family migrated to Spanish Harlem and it was in New York City where he developed his love for music and crafted his skills on the guitar.

Is Jose Feliciano related to Cheo Feliciano?

As a child, he was nicknamed “Cheo” by his family – a colloquial version of his name José, normally used by close friends and family. However, the name stuck and became part of his everyday name (using the nickname avoided confusion with José Feliciano, another major Puerto Rican singer to whom he is not related).

Where was Jose Feliciano born in Puerto Rico?

José Feliciano was born on September 10, 1945, in Lares, Puerto Rico. His large family was barely supported by their father’s work as a farmer.

How many children did Jose Feliciano have?

Thus far, he has released over fifty albums, worldwide, in both English and Spanish . José Monserrate Feliciano Garcia was born on September 10, 1945 in Lares, Puerto Rico, the fourth child of 11 sons, he was born blind as a result of congenital glaucoma.

How old was Jose Feliciano when he started playing music?

He was first exposed to music at the age of 3, playing on a cracker tin can while accompanying his uncle who played the cuatro. When Feliciano was 5, his family moved to Spanish Harlem, New York City, where at the age of 9 he made his first public appearance at the Teatro Puerto Rico in The Bronx.

Where does the last name Feliciano come from?

In this Spanish name, the first or paternal surname is Feliciano and the second or maternal family name is García.