Who has dismissed Sachin Tendulkar the most number of times?

Who has dismissed Sachin Tendulkar the most number of times?

James Anderson
James Anderson dismissed Sachin Tendulkar a total of nine times in 14 Tests – four times in India and on five occasions in swinging English conditions. This is the most the ‘Master Blaster’ has fallen to any single bowler in the longest format of the game.

How many times McGrath dismissed Sachin?

A three-time World Cup champion, McGrath has dismissed Tendulkar and Lara 13 and 18 times respectively.

How many times has Brett Lee dismissed Sachin Tendulkar?

It is worth mentioning that in his 19 years of international cricket career, Muralitharan had dismissed Tendulkar a total of 13 times. He is only behind former Australian pacer Brett Lee, who got Sachin’s wicket on 14 occasions.

Which bowler dismissed Brian Lara the most?

Brian Lara has been dismissed by Glenn McGrath most number of times in Tests.

Who was better Lara or Tendulkar?

Look at Lara’s last 25 innings. He averaged just under 45, more than ten runs an innings better than Tendulkar [Tendulkar averaged 28], but that’s almost beside the point: it is his big scores that stand out….Comparison chart.

Brian Lara Sachin Tendulkar
ODI 50s 63 95
Batting Average (ODI) 40.48 45.16
ODI Centuries 19 49

Which bowler dismissed root most?

The bowler who has taken the least number of innings is Pat Cummins, who has dismissed Root seven times in 19 innings. At number two is Josh Hazlewood, who has sent Root back to the dressing room seven times in 24 innings.

How many times has Ashwin got Root out?

The senior off-spinner has dismissed Root five times in 16 Tests. Also, one aspect of Root’s batting can work to Ashwin’s advantage. So far in this series, the England skipper has scored the bulk of his runs square-of-the-wicket and in the third man region, seldom playing attacking shots in the ‘V’.