Who founded Natural High?

Who founded Natural High?

entrepreneur Jon Sundt
Natural High​ was founded by entrepreneur Jon Sundt, who lost both of his brothers to drug addiction.

When was Natural High created?

In his leadership role for the Altegris group of companies, Jon grew Altegris to a multibillion-dollar asset manager with over 130 employees. In 1994, he founded Natural High in response to the loss of his two younger brothers to drug addiction. You can watch his story here.

Why did Jon start Natural High?

Jon Sundt shares how the loss of his two brothers sparked the Natural High movement. He recognized that his brothers never found their life’s passions, so they turned to drugs.

What award did the Natural High org website receive?

Outstanding Prevention Program Award “Natural High was a great resource for our Red Ribbon Week.

What are examples of natural highs?

Natural highs. Ways to feel naturally high include exercise, meditation, being in nature, connecting with others through volunteering or being in love, and laughter. These options are safe, cheap, and have long-lasting positive effects!

What are the natural drugs?

8 drugs that exist in nature

  • Opium poppy (heroin, morphine, codeine) Morphine is one of the many opiates that come from the opium poppy.
  • Blue agave (Tequila)
  • Coca leaves (cocaine)
  • Ephedra sinica (Sudafed, meth)
  • Psilocybin mushroom (shrooms)
  • Willow bark (aspirin)
  • Sassafras root (ecstasy)
  • Penicillium mold (penicillin)

What was Jon Sundt personal reason for creating the natural highs foundation there were 2 tragic events that inspired him to do this *?

Sundt is also an entrepreneur, having founded an investment company that he later sold. But his motivation for launching his anti-drug nonprofit foundation was deeply personal – he lost two younger brothers, one to an overdose and the other to suicide, deaths that were both related to drug addiction.

Why is it important to have a natural high?

Natural highs are activities or events that a person enjoys and chooses to participate in instead of doing drugs or drinking alcohol. When youth discover and pursue their natural highs, they are more positively engaged, their stress levels are lower and they are able to actively help make communities better.

Which of the following drugs comes from natural origin?

The most dominant natural medicine source is plants, due to their chemical and structural diversity and the biodiversity of their components. Examples of medicines that are derived from plants are aspirin (from willow tree bark) (2), digoxin (from the flower, Digitalis lanata) (3) and morphine (from opium) (4).

How many youth are in the natural high program?

83% of youth participating in the program reported that having a natural high will help fight the temptation to use drugs or alcohol. 43,000 There are 43,000 educators in Natural High’s network across the U.S. and growing.

Why do we need a natural high program?

Natural High taps into the power of mentors to reach millions of youth and helps to accelerate and strengthen the mentor/youth relationship. We know that youth who have caring, supportive relationships with adults and mentors are more likely to develop perseverance and motivation. 4. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF

When did the Washington Natural Heritage program start?

The Washington Natural Heritage Program (WNHP) has been connecting conservation science with conservation action since its establishment in 1977.

How many people are involved in natural high?

43,000 There are 43,000 educators in Natural High’s network across the U.S. and growing. 40+ We’ve recruited over 40 celebrity storytellers who tell powerful stories of transformation. 80,000 80,000 people have directly pledged to live naturally high. Millions Millions of lives transformed.