Who does Scout realize put a blanket around her while she watched the fire?

Who does Scout realize put a blanket around her while she watched the fire?

Boo Radley puts the blanket over Scout’s shoulders because he feels protective of her. When Miss Maudie’s house catches fire, most of the town comes out to help her. Atticus tells Scout and Jem to get up, and stations them well away from the fire but close enough to watch.

Who placed a blanket on Scout without her noticing?

Boo Radley gives Scout the blanket as she watches fire burn down Miss Maudie’s house across the street from hers. Scout is so absorbed in watching the fire and the action associated with it that she doesn’t notice that Boo is also watching, and takes the time to get a blanket to put around Scout’s shoulders.

What happens that causes Scout to get up in the middle of the night?

As a precaution, he makes sure his children are out of their home and standing at a safe distance down the road. After a day of playing in the snow and building a “morphodite snowman,” Scout is awakened by Atticus on the coldest night of the year.

How does Scout’s realization about the blanket lead to a possible theme in the novel?

So, Boo, this supposed evil person, had noticed Scout that Scout was cold, and slipped a blanket around her to keep her warm. This action symbolizes friendship, kindness, generosity, and, as is a strong theme in this book, how people aren’t always what we think they are.

How does Scout come to find a blanket around her shoulders?

how does scout come to find a blanket around her shoulders after watching miss maudie’s house burn? Boo Radley had put it on her, without her noticing; Atticus had pointed it out to her.

What happens to Scout the night of the fire who witnesses this?

What happens to Scout the night of the fire? Who witnesses this? she was crapped in a blanket the night of the fire; Jem at first denies he saw anything, but then admits he saw Boo Radley put the blanket around Scout. 8.

How does Scout end up with a blanket across her shoulders?

Harper Lee uses the blanket draped around Scout as a tool to show Jem and Scout’s continuing relationship with Boo Radley.

How did the blanket get around Scout in to kill a Mockingbird?

Jem and Scout promise they hadn’t been anywhere and Scout can’t explain how the blanket got around her. Jem realizes that Boo was the one who had put the blanket around Scout. This makes Jem realize that Boo was watching them, and showing concern for Scout, he had slipped out and placed a blanket around her.

When does Atticus ask scout about the blanket around her?

In Chapter 8, Miss Maudie’s house catches on fire in the middle of the night, and Atticus tells Jem and Scout to stand in the Radleys’ yard while he and the other neighbors attempt to save Maudie’s furniture. While they are standing in the yard, Boo Radley silently approaches Scout and puts his blanket over her shoulder without her knowing.

Why did Boo Radley give Scout a blanket?

When she gets a chance she is too overcome with curiosity for something else. Boo Radley is a person surrounded in mystery and creepiness, and this act of kindness (giving Scout a blanket), and the other “present exchanges” from the tree also represent the idea of “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”