Who does Huck pretend to be at the Phelps farm?

Who does Huck pretend to be at the Phelps farm?

Sally Phelps thinks Huck is her nephew, Tom Sawyer. She had received a letter from her sister, up north, informing her that Tom was coming south on the steamboat for a visit with his Phelps family relatives, so was anxiously awaiting Tom’s arrival.

When Huck goes to the Phelps farm whose identity does he assume?

In Chapter 32 of ”The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,’ Huck arrives at the Phelps’s property. He discovers that Mrs. Phelps has mistaken him for her nephew Tom.

When Huck arrives at the Phelps Plantation who is it that the Phelps think he is how does Huck find out who he is thought to be why is this good news for Huck?

The stranger who arrives at the Phelps Plantation is Tom Sawyer who is disguised as Sid Sawyer, Tom’s brother. Since Huck is Tom and Tom is Sid, they are supposedly brothers.

How does Huck describe Silas Phelps?

Uncle Silas is the husband of Aunt Polly, described as an ‘oldish man. ‘ He is enthusiastic about Tom’s (Huck’s) arrival. Huck has much respect for him: ‘He was the innocentest, best old soul I ever see. ‘ Uncle Silas shows patience for the boys, while Tom and Huck believe that Uncle Silas is ignorant to their antics.

Who does Mrs Phelps mistake Huck?

The Phelpses mistake Huck for Tom, who is due to arrive for a visit, and Huck goes along with their mistake. He intercepts Tom between the Phelps house and the steamboat dock, and Tom pretends to be his own younger brother, Sid.

Why does Huck go to the Phelps Plantation?

Huck goes to the Phelps Plantation to try to find Jim. How does Tom react when Huck tells him he is going to steal Jim from the Phelps Plantation? Tom agrees to help Huck with his plan to steal Jim, but Tom already knows that Jim has been freed by Miss Watson.

Why was the Phelps Farm important to Huckleberry Finn?

In a sense, the Phelps farm is symbolic of Huck’s return back to civilization. Although he and Jim have traveled hundreds of miles down the Mississippi River, they find themselves in a situation very similar to the life they left with Miss Watson and the Widow Douglas.

Who was the woman who asked Huck about his family?

The woman, who Huck learns is named “Aunt Sally,” asks him about his trip and then asks him about the family. Huck realizes he is in a bind, but just before Huck confesses, the husband arrives and Aunt Sally introduces Huck as none other than Tom Sawyer.

Who is Tom pretending to be in the adventures of Huckleberry Finn?

Laughing, Tom pretends that he is his own half-brother, Sid. The two boys wait for Sally and Silas to mention the runaway slave supposedly being held on their property, but the adults say nothing.

How does Huck feel about the Duke and Dauphin?

As they walk on the road, they see a mob of townspeople running the duke and the dauphin, tarred and feathered, out of town on a rail. Huck feels bad for the two, and his ill feelings toward them melt away. “Human beings can be awful cruel to one another,” he observes.