Which part of the pelvis is most superior?

Which part of the pelvis is most superior?

In a fully fused coxal bone, the ilium is the most superior portion, forming the “wing” that makes up the most prominent part of the coxal bone. The interior-facing side of this “wing” is called the iliac fossa. The ilium is where the sacrum attaches to each coxal bone to complete the pelvic bowl.

What is the most superior part of the pelvic bone termed?

The ilium makes up the upper portion of the hip bone and pelvis. The largest and uppermost bone of the hip, the ilium, also known as the iliac bone, is an essential part of the pelvic girdle.

What is in the true pelvis?

The pelvic cavity (the true pelvis) predominantly contains the urinary bladder, the colon, and the internal reproductive organs. This space is enclosed between the pelvic inlet and the pelvic outlet.

Which bone is most superior *?

Anatomical terms of bone In anatomy, the atlas (C1) is the most superior (first) cervical vertebra of the spine and is located in the neck. It is named for Atlas of Greek mythology because, just as Atlas supported the globe, it supports the entire head.

What is the most common pelvic type?

The gynecoid pelvis is the most common pelvis shape in females and is favorable for a vaginal birth. Other pelvis types, such as the android and platypelloid shapes, may lead to a more difficult vaginal birth or the recommendation of a C-section.

Which bone is found superior to the pelvis and inferior to the cranium?

Parietal bone

Borders Sagittal (superiorly), squamosal (inferiorly), frontal (anteriorly), occipital (posteriorly)
Cranial sutures Sagittal, sphenoparietal, parietomastoid, coronal, lambdoid
External surface Superior and inferior temporal lines, parietal eminence, temporal fossa, parietal foramen

Which is the most superior of the vertebrae?

cervical vertebrae
The cervical vertebrae are the smallest and most superior of the vertebrae. The most superior of these vertebrae articulate with the skull.

Which bone is most superior Manubrium?

The manubrium is the most superior region of the sternum and articulates with the clavicles or collarbones and the first pair of ribs. The manubrium is the thickest portion of the sternum as it carries the greatest physical load.