Which MLB player has the highest batting average of all time?

Which MLB player has the highest batting average of all time?

Ty Cobb
MLB Career Batting Leaders

MLB Career Batting Leaders – Batting Average
1 Ty Cobb .366
2 Rogers Hornsby .358
3 Joe Jackson .356

What MLB player has the most at bats?

Pete Rose
Career Leaders & Records for At Bats

Rank Player (yrs, age) At Bats
1. Pete Rose (24) 14053
2. Henry Aaron+ (23) 12364
3. Carl Yastrzemski+ (23) 11988
4. Cal Ripken Jr.+ (21) 11551

Who holds the record for most at bats in a season?

Jimmy Rollins
Single-Season Leaders & Records for At Bats

Rank Player (age that year) At Bats
1. Jimmy Rollins (28) 716
2. Willie Wilson (24) 705
3. Ichiro Suzuki (30) 704
4. Juan Samuel (23) 701

What player has the most home runs in a World Series?

1) Manny Ramírez: 29 HR Manny played in 11 postseasons for the Indians, Red Sox and Dodgers, got 493 plate appearances (third all time) and slugged a typically robust . 544. His first two postseason homers, in Game 2 of the 1995 American League Championship Series, helped Cleveland reach the World Series.

What player has played in the most World Series games?

Most World Series appearances 14 – Yogi Berra
Most World Series won 10 – Yogi Berra
Most World Series appeared in with different teams 4 – Lonnie Smith (PHI, STL, KC, ATL)
Most years played in Majors before appearing in World Series 21 – Joe Niekro, MIN (1987); Mike Morgan, ARI (2001)

Who has the most walks in a single season?

Overview (1876–present)

Records Player #
Highest OPS Josh Gibson 1.4744
Most walks Barry Bonds 232
Most strikeouts Mark Reynolds 223
Most extra base hits Babe Ruth 119

Who are the best World Series hitters of all time?

Babe Ruth and Lou Brock made out top 10 all-time World Series hitters list. (Getty Images) Just as we did with the pitchers — conveniently linked above! — it’s now time to check out our subjective list of top 10 World Series hitters.

Who are the all time leaders in batting average?

Table Rank Player (yrs, age) Batting Average Bats 1. Ty Cobb+ (24) .3662 L 2. Oscar Charleston+ (17) .3643 L 3. Rogers Hornsby+ (23) .3585 R 4. Shoeless Joe Jackson (13) .3558 L

What’s the World Series record for hitting by pitch?

The World Series record for reaching base via hit-by-pitch during a career was three held by ten different players: Yogi Berra, Bert Campaneris, Max Carey, Frank Chance, Elston Howard, Reggie Jackson, Derek Jeter, Frank Robinson, Fred Snodgrass and Honus Wagner – since broken by Albert Pujols (4 HBP).

What was Mickey mantles batting average in the World Series?

Joe Carter doesn’t get a chance to join baseball immortality without Molitor’s MVP series. Mickey Mantle: While he only had a .257 batting average in World Series play, Mick was adept at getting on base (.374) and hit for serious power (.535).