Which castes comes under OBC in Karnataka?

Which castes comes under OBC in Karnataka?

Central List of Other Backward Castes (OBCs): Karnataka

State : Karnataka
5 Bazigar
6 Bedaru, Valimiki, Barki, Parivara, Bendar, Berad, Boya, Naikamakkalu, Naikwadi, Palegar, Ramoshi, Talwar, Valmikimakkalum Vedan, Parivara Nayaka, Talawara, Myasa Nayaka, Urs Nayaka, Byada, Bargi, Hirshikari
7 Beria
8 Beshtar Bunde-Beshta

Under which category does Balajiga caste comes?

Based on the brahmanical conceptualisation of caste during the British Raj period, Balijas were accorded the Shudra position. The fourfold Brahmanical varna concept has not been acceptable to non-Brahmin social groups and some of them challenged the authority of Brahmins who described them as shudras.

Under what category is vokkaliga?

Most subsects of the Vokkaliga community are designated as Forward castes by the Central Government of India. While some subsects in rural areas, are designated as Other Backward Class by the Karnataka Government.

What is Gowda caste in Karnataka?

Gowda (also known as Gauda or Gouda) is a surname native to the Karnataka state of India. It is mainly found among the Vokkaligas in south Karnataka and the Lingayats in north Karnataka. It is also used by Kurubas. Gowda was originally an honorific used by the administrative head of a village.

Does 3A category belong to OBC in Karnataka?

According to the Indian Constitution 3A comes under Other Backward Castes (OBC) category because there is no seperate category of OBCs and backward classe. Under 3A especially Vokkaligas gets reservation in employment and education sector.

Which caste comes under 3B category in Karnataka?

At present, Veerashaiva-Lingayats are considered backward class in Karnataka and come under Category 3B with a 5% reservation. Their inclusion as OBC in the Central list will mean 27% reservation in Central government services and Central educational institutions.

Will 3B Karnataka comes under OBC category?

Category 3B is considered as OBC in Karnataka.