Where was Gil Hodges born?

Princeton, IN
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How old is Gil Hodges?

47 years (1924–1972)
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Hodges, Manager of Mets, Dies of Heart Attack at 47. WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., April 2—Gil Hodges, popular first baseman of the old Brooklyn Dodgers who later manipulated the New York Mets to their surprising baseball championship, died of heart attack today after playing 27 holes of golf.

Where did Gil Hodges live in Brooklyn?

Nelson to unveil Gil Hodges Way in Brooklyn. On February 26th the Mayor signed legislation to rename Bedford Avenue, between Avenues L and M, the street on which Gil Hodges and his family lived, to Gil Hodges Way.

Where does Joan Hodges live now?

Hodges married his wife Joan (Lombardi) in 1948 and the couple lived in Brooklyn where they raised four kids. Joan Hodges, 91, still resides in the Brooklyn home the couple shared to this day.

How is Tom Verducci related to Joan Hodges?

Verducci lives in the Belle Mead section of Montgomery Township, New Jersey, with his wife Kirsten, and two sons. His brother Frank Verducci was the offensive coordinator for UConn. Verducci’s aunt is Joan Hodges, the widow of Gil Hodges.

Is Tom Verducci married?

Verducci lives in the Belle Mead section of Montgomery Township, New Jersey, with his wife Kirsten, and two sons.

Is Tom Verducci Italian?

Tom Verducci Named First Recipient of Italian American Baseball Foundation Media Award. The New Jersey native and Penn State alumnus won Sports Emmy Awards in 2012 and 2018 for Outstanding Sports Personality/Sports Reporter and in 2013 for Outstanding Sports Personality/Studio Analyst.

How old was Gil Hodges when he died?

While playing golf with Mets coach Yogi Berra and other members of the coaching staff on an off-day during spring training, he dropped dead from a heart attack in West Palm Beach, Florida on April 2, 1972. Hodges died two days shy of his 48th birthday.

How old was Gil Hodges when he joined the Dodgers?

Gil Hodges was born on Friday, April 4, 1924, in Princeton, Indiana. Hodges was 19 years old when he broke into the big leagues on October 3, 1943, with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

When did Gil Hodges get elected to the Hall of Fame?

In 2011, Hodges became a Golden Era candidate (1947–1972 era) for consideration to be elected to the Hall of Fame by the Golden Era Committee (which replaced the Veterans Committee in 2010) on December 5, 2011. The voting by the committee took place during the Hall of Fame’s two-day winter meeting in Dallas, Texas.

Where is Gil Hodges buried in New York City?

Hodges was survived by his wife, the former Joan Lombardi (b. 1926 in Brooklyn), whom he had married on December 26, 1948, and their children Gil Jr. (b. 1950), Irene, Cynthia and Barbara. He is buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in East Flatbush, Brooklyn.