Where is the plug for brake controller?

Where is the plug for brake controller?

The OEM plug is on the driver’s side, behind the trim panel that runs below the steering wheel, and to the right of the driver’s side, beside or behind the radio console. If you can’t find the factory brake control adapter, you can get a replacement.

Does a Ford Explorer have a brake controller?

Brake Controller Connector Location on a 2020 Ford Explorer If your 2020 Explorer is equipped with the factory 7-way trailer connector, it will be have the brake controller connector under the dash. The connector is located under the dash, above and to the right of where the driver’s right knee would be.…

How do you check brake controller wires?

Testing the brake controller is fairly easy. Sever the blue brake output wire near the brake controller leaving enough room to reconnect it and then apply the manual slide. Using a circuit tester like the Quickee Tester, part # 3808, you should get output to the controller side of the wire you severed.

How do you hook up a brake controller?

Just 5 Steps to Install Brake Controller and Wiring!

  1. Disconnect the vehicle’s negative battery cable.
  2. Determine where to mount the controller on the dash.
  3. Drill mounting holes for the bracket.
  4. Fasten the brake controller into place.
  5. Plug in the brake controller with a custom wiring harness.

Can a Ford Explorer tow a horse trailer?

A Ford Explorer is capable of pulling A4,000 pound horse trailer, with its towing capacity of up to 5,000 pounds. Exceeding what your vehicle is designed to tow can strain your engine and transmission, accelerate brake wear, damage your tires and even warp your chassis.

Can Ford Explorers tow?

When properly equipped, the 2019 Ford Explorer is capable of towing between 3,000 and 5,000 pounds, allowing you to tow your trailer or boat through Elk River with ease. Learn more about the new Ford Explorer towing capacity, performance, and features with Cornerstone Ford below, then schedule a test drive near Rogers!

What is a trailer brake control module?

A trailer brake controller is an aftermarket module that is installed in the primary vehicle to control a trailer’s electrical braking system during towing operations.

How do you check a brake controller without a trailer?

Press down on the brake pedal while watching the brake controller. The display on the controller should light up and hold a relatively steady reading, which should not vary by more than 1/10 of a volt up and down.

Where do you plug in a brake controller?

Using a vehicle-specific wiring harness, plug the brake controller into the vehicle. One end of the wiring harness plugs into the vehicle’s factory harness under the dash, and the other end plugs into the brake controller. The location of your vehicle’s factory wiring harness may vary. Refer to the diagram below to locate yours.

How do you install a splice in brake controller?

Start your splice-in brake controller installation by disconnecting the negative battery cable. This will help ensure your safety while working on the wiring system. It will also help protect your vehicle’s electrical components from damage. Disconnect the negative cable, and move it to the side.

Where is the power feed wire for a trailer brake controller?

Locate the power feed wire under the hood, near the fuse box, and attach it to the auxiliary power terminal on your vehicle’s fuse box. Finally, reconnect the negative battery cable.

Do you have to disconnect battery when installing brake controller?

Any time you work on your vehicle’s electrical systems, it is a good idea to disconnect the battery. This is true when installing a brake controller as well. Disconnecting the battery helps prevent personal injury and damage to your vehicle’s electronics.