Where is the fuse for the alarm on Honda Pilot?

Where is the fuse for the alarm on Honda Pilot?

The 2008 Honda Pilot alarm fuse is located in the fuse panel under the dash.

Where is the main relay located on a 2004 Honda Pilot?

The 2004 Honda Pilot fuel pump relay can be found in the fuse panel that is in the passenger footwell. This relay is what distributes power from Your battery to the fuel pump and allows it to start up and work.

What is ACM fuse?

Description. There are two primary protection circuits designed into the ACM. One is a thermal fuse which detects a heater runaway condition and shuts down the power to the heater to protect hardware on the BTU-8000/8100.

How do you turn off the alarm on a 2004 Honda Pilot?

How do you turn off the alarm on a Honda Pilot?

  1. Remove the key from the ignition and exit the vehicle.
  2. Press the “Lock” button on your wireless remote.
  3. Listen for the alarm while outside of your vehicle.
  4. Press the “Unlock” button on your remote or unlock the driver’s side door with the key to disarm the security system.

What is STS fuse?

STS (Steering Switch) Front Right Power Window.

Where is the main relay located on a 2005 Honda Pilot?

It is under the dashboard, driver side, along the steering wheel column.

Where is the main relay on a 2003 Honda Pilot?

The Main relay in a 2003 Honda Pilot is in the engine compartment fuse box. The ignition main is in slot 23, this is A50 AMP relay, and the battery relay is in slot 20, this is a 120 AMP relay.

What is ACM Honda Pilot?

This system helps provide a smoother, quieter ride. As a result, these vibrations are not transferred to the chassis through the engine mounts and are not felt inside the cabin. …

Where is the wiper relay on a Honda Pilot?

Rear Window Washer Motor Relay, Windshield Wiper Motor, Windshield Intermittent Wiper Circuit, Windshield Washer Motor, Windshield Intermittent Wiper Relay It is located under the dashboard on the passenger’s side. To open, pull the right edge of the cover.

What to do if you blow fuse on Honda Civic?

Check those fuses first, but check all the fuses before deciding that a blown fuse is the cause. Replace any blown fuses, and check if the device works. Turn the ignition switch to LOCK (0). Make sure the headlights and all other accessories are off. Remove the cover from the fuse box.

Where is the fuse diagram on a Honda Odyssey?

Determine from the chart, or the diagram on the fuse box lid, which fuse or fuses control that device. The diagram for the interior driver’s side fuse box is on the kick panel below the fuse box.