Where is regurgitator from?

Where is regurgitator from?

Brisbane, Australia

What genre is regurgitator?


Are regurgitator still together?

Regurgitator’s Quan Yeomans is, in his own words, doing the dad thing. “We were both in very weird headspaces, not as confident in our lives, and not in love,” Yeomans says of Dirty Pop Fantasy. “This record, we’re both married now, we both have young kids – again, for Ben – so it’s got that vibe about it.”

What happened to Martin Lee from Regurgitator?

Martin Lee left Regurgitator in late 1999 and was replaced by Peter Kostic on drums, who was simultaneously a member of Front End Loader (1991–present) and the Hard-Ons (2002–11). The group’s spin-off project Regurgitator’s Pogogo Show released their debut album of children’s music in 2019.

Who was lead singer of Regurgitator?

Quan Yeomans
Regurgitator are an Australian rock band from Brisbane, Queensland, formed in late 1993 by Quan Yeomans on lead vocals, guitar and keyboards; Ben Ely on bass guitar, keyboards and vocals; and Martin Lee on drums.

When did Regurgitator release their first EP?

The band signed with Warner early in 1995, who re-released its debut EP in February 1995, which charted at number 45 on the ARIA singles chart. Regurgitator quickly released another EP, titled New, which featured radio hits “Track 1″ and ” Blubber Boy “.

When did Regurgitator start the band in the bubble?

In 2004, Regurgitator created and participated in the Band in a Bubble project; a new reality TV-inspired media stunt sponsored and broadcast by Australian music channel, Channel V.

What did the Professional Regurgitator do on AGT?

The Professional Regurgitator’s Week 2 Semifinals performance in Episode 1020 consisted of swallowing smoke from two cups, swallowing liquid soap, and water to blow bubbles. He then exhaled half of the smoke into a large bubble. He then swallowed and regurgitated a raw egg.

When did Regurgitator wage war on T-Wrecks?

Regurgitator’s fourth studio album, Eduardo and Rodriguez Wage War on T-Wrecks was released in July 2001 and was their final studio album for Warner before mutually agreeing to terminate their recording agreement.