Where does Petron get their oil?

Where does Petron get their oil?

We operate one of the most advanced refineries in the region and source most of our crude oil from the Middle East. This is transported to our 180,000 barrel-per-day Petron Bataan Refinery (PBR) – the largest and most advanced in the country.

How many branches of Petron are there?

Through more than 1,200 service stations, they retail gasoline, diesel and kerosene to motorists and public transport operators.

Who is the owner of Petron company?

SEA Refinery Corporation
San Miguel Corporation
Petron Corporation/Parent organizations

Is Petron and Petronas the same?

Petron has also linked with international companies even though it is not that famous in our own very company. On the other hand, we can see that it goes the same to PETRONAS. We should be able to expand our business, when we reach a certain level in the market place.

Is Petron owned by San Miguel?

Reuters. MANILA, Philippines – San Miguel Corp. has exercised a share option allowing it to gain majority control of the country’s largest oil refiner Petron Corp. San Miguel said in a statement it acquired 60% of SEA Refinery Corp., which partly owns Petron, allowing it to raise its holdings in the oil firm to 68%.

Is Petron under San Miguel?

In 2009, San Miguel Corporation (SMC) started managing Petron. Having been in the beverage, food, and packaging industries for over 120 years, SMC is one of the biggest global conglomerates in the country today.

Who sold Petron to San Miguel?

Ramon Ang
House Assistant Majority Leader and Cebu Representative Eduardo Gullas on Friday rejected the offer of San Miguel Corporation chief executive Ramon Ang to sell Petron Corp. back to the government through a five-year installment payment scheme.

Where is the nearest Petron station in Mandaluyong City?

40 San Miguel Avenue 1550 Mandaluyong City (632) 8-884-9200 FIND THE NEAREST PETRON STATION Talk2Us How was your Petron experience?   We would appreciate receiving feedback. Type: TALK2US (space) (message) and SEND to 0977-8-738766 Feedback Hotline: #PETRON (#738766) Email: [email protected] Shareholder Service and Assistance

What kind of Business is Petron service station?

The service station business is a retail operation. It includes buying, storing, and reselling Petron’s premium petroleum products such as fuels, lubricants, LPG, and other specialty products as well as providing quality services to its customers all the time, every time. Customer satisfaction is another part of the business.

How to contact investor relations for Petron Corporation?

Please call: Investor Relations 40 San Miguel Avenue 1550 Mandaluyong City Telephone: (632) 8-884-9200 Email: [email protected] Data Protection Officer Telephone: (632) 8-884-9200 Email: [email protected] Copyright 2018 Petron Corporation. All rights reserved facebook instagram twitter linkedin youtube

How many barrels of oil per day does Petron produce?

We have a combined refining capacity of nearly 270,000 barrels-per-day, producing a full-range of premium fuels and petrochemicals to fuel the lives of millions of Filipinos and Malaysians. Leading through partnership and innovation, we power industries, drive economic growth, and fuel the future.