Where does Cassandra go at the end of the play?

Where does Cassandra go at the end of the play?

After delivering this prophecy, Cassandra declares that she is resigned to die. Everyone else in her native city has perished, and it is time for her to join them. The Chorus praises her bravery, even as they fail to understand her prophecy, and she moves to enter the palace.

Why did Cassandra turn evil?

The biggest example is that her insecurity and jealousy led to her letting rage cloud her mind and prevented her from seeing what she really needed, something which Zhan Tiri would later use to her advantage. Because of this, it caused her to betray Rapunzel in until her redemption in the series finale.

What happens at the end of tangled the series?

The series ended with a clash between three incredibly powerful female forces–Rapunzel, who wielded the magic of the Sun Drop flower that was established in the original movie, Cassandra, Rapunzel’s lady-in-waiting who used the Sun Drop’s opposing force, the Moonstone, and Zhan Tiri, the ultimate evil who was …

Does Varian have a crush on Cassandra?

Varian is Corona’s first Royal Engineer, and is the youngest to hold that position. He has a crush on Cassandra, as shown in “Great Expotations”.

Is Cassandra from tangled LGBT?

Character Information Cassandra is a lesbian character from Tangled.

Why is Cassandra’s hair blue?

When she is corrupted by the Moonstone Opal, her hair and eyes turn turquoise and her clothes turn black and dark blue with spikes similar to the Black Rocks. Overtime, Cassandra’s skin tone becomes paler which is likely due to her prolonged exposure to the Moonstone, as the Moon itself is very pale.

Why did Cassandra’s hair turn blue?

To cover for her injuries, Cassandra donned a knight’s armor and a purple cape. When she is corrupted by the Moonstone Opal, her hair and eyes turn turquoise and her clothes turn into an indestructible black and dark blue armor with spikes similar to the Black Rocks.

Why does Varian have a blue streak in his hair?

Seeing as how blue hair isn’t exactly a natural hair color (perhaps even in the Corona universe), it’s likely that this indicates Varian either having come into contact with blue-hair-inducing magic either he was that little (similar to Anna in Frozen), or perhaps he and his mother came into contact with magic sometime …

What is the age difference between Cassandra and Varian?

So thats quite an age gap for them also! Varian and Cassandra’s age gap is approximately 6-10 years.

Does Cassandra have Rapunzel feelings?

She then ran away with the opal, opting to use its powers to make her destiny apart from Rapunzel and her former friends. Cassandra’s anger towards Rapunzel is stoked by Zhan Tiri throughout Season 3, who encourages her to blame Rapunzel for Gothel abandoning her.

Are Rapunzel and Cassandra a couple?

Rapunzel and Cassandra officially mend their friendship, officially becoming best friends once more, and chase after their own destinies after a tearful, heartfelt goodbye – Rapunzel becoming queen of Corona and Cassandra leaving the kingdom to find her destiny.

Why was Cassandra willing to break the rules?

Although loyal to King Fredrick and Queen Arianna, Cassandra is willing to break their rules (and risk her job) for the sake of Rapunzel’s happiness; this is seen when Cassandra offered to take Rapunzel beyond the kingdom’s wall to explore some of the outside world and escape the pressures of royalty.

How did Cassandra foresaw the destruction of Troy?

Cassandra foresaw the destruction of Troy. In various accounts of the war, she warned the Trojans about the Greeks hiding inside the Trojan Horse, Agamemnon ‘s death, her own demise at the hands of Aegisthus and Clytemnestra, her mother Hecuba’s fate, Odysseus ‘s ten-year wanderings before returning to his home,…

Why did Cassandra become a villain in Season 2?

Through Season 2 her insecurities and feeling of constantly feeling outshined by Rapunzel cause their relationship to become strained. This only got worse when she discovered her true backstory in the House of Yesterday’s Tomorrow and that Gothel choose Rapunzel over her making her steal the moonstone and become a full-fledged villain.

Why did Cassandra leave the chantry in Dragon Age?

Many Seekers abandoned the Chantry in response to the mage rebellion. Cassandra did not join her comrades in this, instead remaining loyal to Divine Justinia and her efforts to restore order in the face of chaos. She is both pious and driven, the sword in the right hand of the Divine, seeking justice above all else.