Where do you start when building a deck?

Where do you start when building a deck?

Start the Deck Frame Start by forming the perimeter and a center beam. After cutting several boards to length, screw treated lumber and redwood together to form double-thick perimeter boards. Because the center beam remains hidden, only use pressure-treated lumber.

Can I legally build my own deck?

Adjoining property rights, for example, allow you to build a new pergola, deck or patio so long as it doesn’t interfere with your neighbours or their property.

When building a deck What are the requirements?


  • Maximum 36 “oc solid stringer spacing for 2” thick treads.
  • Maximum 18 “oc notched stringer spacing for 2” or 5/4 “thick treads.
  • Maximum nosing of 0.75 “to 1.25” – maximum nosing radius of 9/16 “
  • Open risers: maximum opening of 4″
  • Closed risers: minimal nominal 1″ thick riser material.

Does decking need building regulations?

But one question people often forget is whether or not decking needs to conform to building regulations. The short answer to this question is that if your decking falls into the category of requiring planning permission, then “yes”, will more than likely need to conform to building regulations.

Do I need a builder to build a deck?

Decking – NSW NSW has some of the strictest builders’ licence regulations in Australia. If you want to build a timber or composite deck, materials alone will probably cost at least $1,000, so you will probably need to hire a licensed builder for your deck in NSW.

Do decks have to be built to code?

Building your deck according to code makes it safe. Building codes are in place to ensure safety, and virtually every state and municipality enforces codes for deck construction. Most jurisdictions follow the International Building Code, which devotes one section—R507—to deck construction.

What is the code for deck steps?

Stair rails on decks should be between 34 inches and 38 inches high, measured vertically from the nose of the tread to the top of the rail. Treads must be at least 10 inches deep, measuring from front to back. Stair treads must sustain a weight of at least 300 pounds in an area no more than four inches square.

What’s the best way to build a deck?

If you want to build a deck attached to your house, you could either install a ledger along a wall, or build it on 4×4 wooden posts on all sides. Before starting the actual project, we recommend you to read carefully the building codes, as to fulfill the legal regulations.

Do you need a permit to build a deck?

Keep in mind that if your deck requires a permit, the building inspector will need to check various stages of the deck build process. Ground level decks are usually one step up from the ground, so won’t require deck stairs, railing or stair railing unless it is higher than 8 inches.

Can you put a deck on the ground?

In some cases, if your back door is low to the ground, a ground-level deck may be your only option. Do make sure that any wood that comes in contact directly with the soil is pressure-treated to resist rot. But avoid actually burying wood in the ground.

How big of a deck do you need?

Deck boards are typically 5-1/2 inches wide, so try to plan a deck size that won’t leave narrow pieces at the ends. Create your design so that the railings are clear of windows and out-swinging doors.